raining quiet thunder….

I see you there,  little tenderling,
pushing through rock  hard earth,
reaching and stretching,
as the harsh night glazes over bitter cold
and still you breathe into the change,

Uncurling to sky and light and now,
opening wide the trueness of you.
Yes, I see you there,  brave one,
and my breath catches
and I have to stop
and hold my heart
because it rolls me

your fragile petals cupping sunshine and hope
in brittle frost that seems to slice right through your gentle way
and yet you stay
and pour your song out unafraid
and it gets me in the places where sometimes I still hide
and I marvel how you’re strong in a ways I only dream to be

dancing braver into the open
and deeper into the deep,
I hear your quiet thunder raining heaven over me.

(this little love note i write to you,  too,
dear one, who is braver than you know)

“Courage is found
in unlikely places.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien