Stargirl soul spa….

I like to nurture and nudge living things to thriving,
to dig and turn and tussle and prune and sift and sort
and tuck and tune until growing happens unconstricted
and seeds get to be out loud and in color
just exactly what’s inside of them.
I’m a gardener….it’s how I see the world.

As I work my business,  write things down,  make my art,
love my peeps,  and live out my days,
I’m tending the gardens my heart sees and feels.
I wouldn’t know any other way to do life;
it’s simply how I’m wired.

For a year I’ve been watering and weeding a little dream inside
from seeds I’ve felt swirling since I was young
and now they seem swollen and ready to pop
so I’ve been moving things around and making ready.
Do you mind if I share with you this thing that I dream?

I want to invite you over and make you food and art and air and tea
and serve you yummy things and a very soft quiet,
stillness enough to hear what your heart whispers
and cries and hopes and sings
and to find and share some tools and show you how to use them
and send you home full and untangled
with hope and fresh peace in tending your own heart’s garden
when you’re alone
but knowing you can come back again if you want.

Sort of a massage for your spirit,
a soul spa,
a couple of tender hours in my garden away from the bustle
where you can unwind and relax and laugh and linger with a listening someone
who’s open and ready to help tug your trueness into the light.
Just some easy,  gentle,  encouraging together time
for the real of you.

A few years ago,  my lifecoach and friend,   Anjie,
suggested I read the book “Stargirl”,  by Jerry Spinelli.
I laughed and cried my way through the pages;
Lord, how it touched something raw inside
and helped spring me free!
When this tender, seeing heart who knew me so well
told me “You’re a stargirl if there ever was one”,
I began to let myself see those stars and,  with them,
came terrific joy.

I’m creating something here….it feels beautiful to me,
this Stargirl soul spa.


(a fee,   comparable to that of life-coaching,
would cover a few hours together,
either one on one or with a friend or two,
and some yummy things to eat and drink,
a hand-painted journal and some art supplies and stargifts and exercises to take home,
and some handwritten love in the mail a few days later,
after spending some garden time over you
to encourage you along your way.)

If I built it (and you lived nearby)
would you come?

“If you hold on to the handle,  she said,  it’s easier to maintain the illusion of control.
But it’s more fun if you just let the wind carry you.”
-Brian Andreas

Coming home to myself…


Every day I’ll be sharing here this month,
kind of  coming home to myself,
a season of rest from the overwhelm
that my life has become.
Somehow I got a little lost
in other people’s lives
and gave myself
too little room
on my over- crowded plate.

Have you ever done that?
Forgotten,  for a while,  to live your own life?
I’m taking the month to come untangled,
get loose from the noose,
be  free from the buzz of the be
in my head….

be (overly) productive,
be responsible (for more than your share),
be a fixer,  a saver,  a rescue-maker.
And faster,  please.

No,  I think I’d rather not.

Today I choose instead to be
simply me,
and oh so glad
about it

Care to join me?

(I’ll be here every day this month,  tending this space that helps
grow the quiet and glad in me.)

“Overinvolvement of any sort can keep us in a state of chaos.
If we’re focusing our energies on people and problems,
we have little left for the business of living our lives.
And there is just so much worry
and responsibility in the air.
If we take it all on ourselves,  it overworks us
and underworks the people around us.
It doesn’t solve problems.
It doesn’t help other people.  It doesn’t help us.
It is wasted energy.”
-Melody Beattie