nuzzles and nestings….

Life found me crying over yesterday,
held my heart firm in gentle hands
and whispered “sadness is joy running backwards.”
So I turned face-forward into the soft breath of today,
coming alive to the wild rumpus of grackles in the treetops,
and joined hands with the woods to laugh at the ruckus,
letting simple joy
~like soothing arnica for my body
  and tiny ginger cupcake for my soul,
nuzzle my dreams out of layaway
and nudge me to nesting again.

Joy stood on tiptoe to tickle me open
to looking close for the twinkle in now roomy spaces,
a newer nest for the next things
fluttering in my belly
~breath of spirit like bright rush of breeze
squeezing stomach wiggly with beautiful beginnings,
churning  fresh buttery hope.

So I’m opening wide to the lovely of nexts
to drifting leaves swooping like swallows
and dancing in warm speckled light.
And I plop right down into here and now
like a toddler in the sand
and let the smile of this present moment
disarm the melancholy of  missing.

As the life I’ve nurtured wobbles into powerful flight,
strong with love and lift
I sweep clean the sweet downy feathers of the past
and say yes to hovering over new things
……nesting again my own ripening life
~wallflower dreams.
brand new songs
and fledgling wings.