an uncommon peace….


 August has been intense for me,
a little  lot  like childbirth,
and now there has settled in the sweetest quiet I’ve ever known
and I don’t want to talk away the magic.

I wish I could hold this sense of relish
like a seashell to your ear
so you could hear the fierce beauty
of this uncommon peace.

I think it’s the sound that free makes.

“With every awkward strum,  Harold Crick became stronger in who he was,
what he wanted,  and why he was alive.
Harold did what had terrified him before,
that which had eluded him Monday through Friday
for so many years,
that which the unrelenting lyrics of numerous punk rock songs told him to do.
Harold Crick lived his life.”
-Stranger than Fiction

I’ll still be here each day till the month is done;
I just want to say how much it’s meant
having you share the road with me.
Something I’ll never forget…..thank you.