Shine and soar, anyway

  there was so much juice on that word
as I traveled around the sun these past twelve months
and opened up to fresh skies and some new ways
and began carving a bright new groove,
even if it was slow going
and isn’t half done.

But there was this enormous grace in the carving
and even as Fall turned into Winter
and circumstances seemed to mock my hope,
and this tender heart of mine got broken up pretty badly
I found that,  still,   my banged up joy is stronger than despair
and the bells keep playing anyway.

And I’ve been listening for a new word to ring clear
and quiet in the heartache
it snuggled near
like a big wet kiss
from my lab’s warm nose
and it feels like a firm guiding hand on my back,
this little word,
as I head into the nexts
because I want so much to squeeze more juice from my pens,
my camera,  my choices,  my days.

My little word for the year:  anyway.

(Brave, beautiful beginnings to you,  too,  friend,
with plump shiny hope that whatever your deepest heart is longing to do,
you go and do it,  anyway)


“I sing,
I dream,
I love,
-Martina McBride

into the wild….


I want more of this in my life,
to get offroad and into those fields and woods
I swoon over as I drive along busy
and heavy with gotta be somewhere else,
to put my feet into those rivers and wallow for awhile,
to follow a path and let the twists and turns in the trail
untwist some knots in me.


I want to tramp unhurried through the forest,
to follow deeper into the woods an old stone wall
and maybe hear it’s stories,
to wander down a dirt road just because the sun feels warm
on my hair
and the sky has a blue about it
that moves me to feeling free
and there’s  nowhere in particular I have to be
just for now.


 and I can follow
just because my heart is calling me.

I’m so hungry for this.
And so I’m going to slice off some thick
chunks of time this year
and see where the wild winds
may take me.
I’ll be sure to come around and share with you
what the woodlands whisper
I’ll be here every week
with wild and growing joy.

“Night and day the river flows.
We are all canyoneers.
We are all passengers on this little mossy ship,
this delicate dory sailing around the sun that humans call the earth.
Joy,  shipmates,  joy.”
-Edward Abbey

(THANK you for continuing to come around even tho’ I don’t show up on google reader yet…..hoping for some resolution soon!)

breezes and bells

This year my heart wore dresses
instead of stiff scratchy pants
and it’s been joy to twirl and flutter
instead of trudge;
my little word –  dresses,
coached me through some heavy times
and helped my heart keep light.

So I’ve been listening for breezes
to brush over the strings
and nudge a new word,
for the chapter to come
watching to see
what seeds may drift down
and scatter like confetti
over the fresh year waiting in the wings

and thinking how I want to be stirred
by the breeze,
not to strain or to strive
but to dance close with love
from that place most alive.

   My word for this year
came as clear as a bell
and I can’t tell you how it makes me grin.

my one  little word:  bells
(I can’t even write it without smiling)

“Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water
and trying to keep your head above the waves
that you forget,   truly forget
…how much you have always loved to swim.”
-Tyler Knott Gregson

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