tired or true….


What if
our tiredness is a picture of our true-ness,
our wellness,  a story of our you-ness?

Want to join me in a ponder?

“When I repress my emotions,
my stomach keeps score….”
-John Powell

( a gross oversimplification,  of course
……..always, always there are exceptions
and complexities;
but I’m wondering if more of our fatigue and un-wellness
than we realize
is brought on by being untrue to ourselves,
by taking responsibility for that which isn’t our heaviness to carry
and equally by not owning choices
that are our very birthright)

making room for miracles……

Stuff is just exactly as broken
and shaky
and gimpy
as it is
but hardly hopeless
and oddly beautiful in the coming undone

So I think I’ll just re-think the tremble
and not crumple up small and slide down under
the coming-up-short,
trying to fix the wobble
so things go smooth
and the flaws don’t show

’cause even though it may stop the squeak and crumble
when I flatten out low,
I wasn’t born to be the wedge
under shaky table legs
so maybe we’ve got something here
that isn’t quite real.

Let’s find another,  truer way.
Cause I don’t want to spend another day
feeling homesick
for me.

“It’s good to do uncomfortable things.
It’s weight training for life.”
-Anne Lamott

I’m here every day this month
resting my soul by posting each day
the song stirring in my heart.
Join me if you like….I love your company.