By the blaze….



I wrote you something,  I did,
but it annoyed me,  all those words.
Too much talking.
I just erased my post for the first time ever.
Felt good.
Just lets stand here together
in the light
and sip the quiet,

DSC02351edited (3)edited

Glad to just be here with you
for a moment,
s – l – o – w – i – n – g  down,
at rest in the hush.

DSC02352edited (2)

I feel warmer now.

Glad to share the firelight with you,
all the while my heart thumping hope
for a beautiful week of gathering
or what-ever-ing.
May these days be merry and bright.

And hey,  hope you remember
to grin at that face in the mirror
each time you dash to the bathroom
….a warm nod of welcome
and how wonderful to have you here,  too.
(Really,  don’t forget to be good to you)

A very large joy to you,  friend.


“For fast acting relief,  try slowing down”
-Lily Tomlin

(Sending out a special package…a love bomb…to Susan of Windrock Studio.
She is is joy and a wonder,  if you’d like to drop in on her.
One more week I’ll be drawing a name for giveaway,
a package of handmade love in the mail.
Just say hello and you’re in the mix!)