of grasses and gold….

The green and grassy fields are browning,
summer’s wild things bursting into seed
and I walk among them now and listen,
the whispering places,
all breezy and waving and whooshing
as Autumn sings her brave songs.

about how there is grace in endings
a re-set to rest,
a keeping sails set
and waiting for  winds
that will come
to work their  mystery

and somehow they know
there  are  seeds of life
in letting go
and I stop and let Autumn brush
her golden wisdom
over the clay of me.
because I want to be,

a friend of her unworried ways
and un-driven days
and give her  plenty of space
inside this soul of mine
and so I lean in close
to feel what she knows

and off roll some fears
I’ve been keeping
and my care-worn shoulders go calm
and dread slides slowly
into dry grass
and  gold.

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