Hello gorgeous!

A riot of rowdy rudbeckia cheer wildly
outside my front door,
 their rambunctious celebration
welcoming newborn summer
with her ripe peaches
and gardenia blossoms
and bare toes on grass
and pale green tomatoes swelling on the vine.
….and the idea of summer reading
(the memory of long easy hours reading for pleasure
still kisses the cheeks of my expectations
and I get all swimmy with the whole delicious idea,
even though my life giggles at the notion

that I may just find the time).

and I grin with gratitude
over clear blue water
smelling of chlorine,
soothing showers and moving air
on cool, clean skin,
the way the hours stretch out
like muscles as they warm,
 and the chance to once again
feel the soft breath
of  a summer night
on my face
and listen
to the stars whsiper
“go ahead…..take your time
….Love will leave the light on.”
and I throw myself headlong
into the arms of loving kindness
and laugh out my thanks for another sweet summertime:)
(hello gorgeous!)