love in the time of tulips…

These are the days of tulips and lushness,
each patch of earth a living painting.
I wallow in the beauty
that someone’s vision has become
while winter wasn’t paying attention.
During this exuberant season,  our gardening business gets lots of calls
from potential customers
asking us to come and make their places look
like the ones all decked out in delight.
They want magical, too
These are built in the Fall,  we explain.
Often many seasons ago.
We’re glad to begin the work, help blaze a path,
but if you want the real jewels….  it’s a process.
It takes intention.
Without shameless vision,  bulbs-to-beauty doesn’t happen.
I think about this in the time of tulips.
I don’t want to look back on my life
and regret how much more I could have
built,  been, changed or loved
if I’d have only planted more,
envisioned more,
asked for more.
Polite or not,  I’m asking.