Soft, slow soaking….

be cake~It’s raining~
Sweet, soft, soaking rain
has been falling for hours.
First deep drink since March.
First rain at all since mid-August.Daily I’ve worked and coughed
the broken ground
without the gentle rainbreaks
in our schedule,
~felt driven and pushed,
like trying to play jump-rope
when the rhythm is spastic
and “off”.
(Turn slower, please)

Today the turning slowed to a soothing lob.
And I nursed the time
to listen to the sounds
of living things lifting up dry and thankful sighs
of relief.

I took the time to hear the skins come away from potatoes
as I slowly peeled them,
to watch olive oil pool and spread warm in the pan like ink on yupo paper,
to feel the thick plod of the knife as it sliced through rosemary
and lemony variegated thyme,
to enjoy each movement from counter top to refrigerator door
and savor clean water washing blobs of batter from my fingertips
again and again.

I let the phone keep ringing,
messages go unchecked,
and mail sit untouched for quite a while
as I squeezed tears through grateful eyes
until moist and tender again.

Today was a bountiful slow soaking
….the unplugging of me.