this side of the rainbow….

Self-reliance is such a headrush.
I’m an addict
with a cruel craving
to get there on my own.
To be strong enough,
clever enough,
brave enough
~plenty enough.
My secret heart longs
for that plentiful feeling
….plenty money in the bank,
plenty of energy,
plenty of breathing room,
plenty of time,
plenty net beneath me,
plenty buffer.
These days those coffers seem drained
and like a toddler with separation anxiety,
my soul pines for plenty
…for those over-the-rainbow skies
where troubles melt like lemon drops
and bluebird lullabyes.
Now my hungry spirit-eyes scan my surroundings
for security
and shift
to see the sure things,
the real plenty
that shields and soothes my cranky fears.
Take stock,  my soul.
~there is undiminished Love,
unending possibility,
more grace than I can use in a lifetime,
massive opportunity to trust,
really trust,
and believe
and surrender to the process
of stepping on forward
by faith
even without plenty of sight.
There is plenty of choice
and I choose
to wallow in the riches of peace
~sweet plentiful peace,
even this side
of the rainbow.(Come see what’s blooming in my etsy garden)