ladybugs and little things….

Celebrating the sweet somethings
and tiny triumphs
in a week of ordinary chaos…
~first ripe jalapeno pepper plucked from garden
(largest of tomatoes on vines beginning to blush,  too)~making payroll
(never seems like we will but we do!)

~peach ice cream floats with ginger beer


~storms swooped in to water thirsty ground…twice!

~buttery soft heart-share with hubby
~passing up flowers at Trader Joe’s for the plenty of fresh bright blossoms
already singing out loud in my own front yard
~ summery new cookbook
(I have a crush on the chocolate pie recipe
….in a graham cracker crust
….with a meringue topping.
(happy shiver)
~healing happening in my neck and shoulder
~blogging beauty discovered
 through Liv’s inspiring e-course

               Jillsy girl’s watery goodness

~sharing shady cool waters,

lemony iced tea,
and face time

with cherished friend.

~unrushed grocery shopping
(and ingredients for that pie)
~bright fresh beachtowel art draped across clothesline,
still smelling of chlorine and coppertone
~enough pain and pressure
to soften and squeeze
muscles and soul
to go free and let go,
lose the striving,
until peace settles like a mist
and fills the untangled spaces
left behind.
Rest deep,  my heart….ladybug love covers and keeps you.
“Listen,  when I was a little girl I used to spend hours looking for ladybugs.
Finally I’d just give up and fall asleep in the grass.
When I woke up,  they were crawling all over me.”
-from Under the Tuscan Sun
(also,  celebrating the coming hours,
stretching out long and easy as June flows into July,
to set my fledgling etsy wings
into the wind,
catch an updraft
and wobble until I fly.
hopeful sigh:))