Fledgling flaws and freedom..

This blog is still a sapling,
yet my eyes are hungry for
strong leafy branches with
round, ripe fruit.

I’m being stalked by an old nemesis
….perfectionism biting at my ankles.

Rather than have my fledgling wings
go numb with paralysis,
I’m stretching them out….defiant.

I won’t get too thinky about this.

There is deep gentleness and patience needed
in order for living things to thrive.
And I want aliveness,
not a plastic performance.

And so I wait
for help to come,
for my weak and gimpy parts to grow
and mature.

So what if I’m still lost in blogworld…
wandering around and enjoying the sights but all
out of sorts over gadgets and templates and such.
These are STILL gorgeous strawberry fields
and even sticky fingers and stains
don’t sour the berries.
It’s all sweet.

I can be ridiculously glad
even when my slip is showing.