Riverside ramblings….

fallSpent a gentle Sunday walking beside

the Catawba river
and listening to it play,
strumming my heartstrings
until it’s music smoothed out the
lumps in my muscles and mind.
I joined the universe
in a deep sigh,
my fatigue and frustration
carried away downstream
until again,
I had a fair shot at clarity.
And you were there, too,
my friend,
held close to my heart
as I meandered along.

You’ve been with me
during this often bruising week
….the unique beauty of your life(and blog)
nudging my eyes and heart
wider open to the huge love
crying out
in every color, line and form
….the trees themselves pouring down
tender kindness,
kissing me lightly as each leaf falls.

And as I walked along,
breathing in the Spirit who breathes life into us all,
I mentioned you, as I often do.
~Yes, you ๐Ÿ™‚

I told Him how much I enjoy you,
..thanked Him for the
gift that you are.
I brought up that when you share your unique expressions of life,
I feel your breezes blow
on my own embers
until I’m energized and more alive.

And then, because you were on my mind, I asked Him to brush over you with His riversongs,
so that your heart lifts and leaps a little
like when we zoom over a rise in the road
and it squeezes ever so slightly with joy and lift.

And that no matter how much disappointment
or pain
or heartache
is a part of your story right now,
that you’d feel His love,
liquid and golden and infused into the air you draw inside yourself.
~That no matter how complicated this part of your path,
that you still live loved
…alive and aware and awake to the huge love that
hovers over you like whispers of sunshine
burning off the fog hanging low over your circumstances
until you can see the warm, engaging smile
that was there all along.

It was such a comfort to talk about you
with Someone who is absolutely crazy about you, too.
Yeah, so I just wanted you to know
that you came up.
And it was good.
And while I’m loving the wildly creative genius
behind your breathtaking beauty,
I’m loving you, too!