Restoring robin-hood…

take these broken wings
This Spring, my son John found a struggling robin dangling from a branch by string tangled around her foot. Her head was pulled down onto
her chest by more string knotted around her neck. She flopped around helplessly after he cut her down,
trying to escape.

After much patient pursuit, he and my husband caught her. We used manicure scissors to snip away the tangles that were binding her. The process was tedious but happily successful (SO thankful for my wildlife biologist husband at times like these!). Once released, she rested….her neck slowly rising with each heaving breath.

When she finally stretched out her wings and flew away, the music of her freedom rolled across my outstretched heart until it got inside me. I went limp with it, wondering just how often I make nice with my chains in order to avoid the intrusion of hands stretched out to help me.

Her reluctance and resistance-even in the hands of tender mercy-reminded me of many someones I know. Especially…well… me. Now her sweet form keeps finding it’s way into my art. And as I remember her, I let go and trust a little more the One who holds my struggling heart in his hands.