potbound and pruning….

This has been a stretchy summer
of opening new spaces
for roots
 reaching from cracked pots
rambling for roomier digs.
It turns me on,
this deeply honest journey
from seed to fruit
and flower
….the way green things,
with no straining or striving,
open up and receive the moisture, light and care
that they need
with no reluctance
or apology.
I love the dailyness of it,  too
…the whole becoming process.
Without drama,
growth happens.
Then without ceremony,
they begin to bloom.
What a beautiful legacy,
just exactly what was inside of them
becoming visible
and available
and enjoyable
….simple and easy as air.
God I wanna be like that,
to fully become the most organic,
colorful version
of the authentic me.
No hype;
just fruit.
One of the spaces I’m pruning this week
is my blog.
….just transplanting it to a lighter, more stable spot.
I’ve been unable to come around and leave comments
on many of your blogs
and I hate that!
(wordpress will be more hospitable,  I’m assured)
So I’m packing up and moving
(with the wonderful help of Michele Bergh)
(yeah,  it’s how I feel about you)
So taking a deep breath,
going palms up
and making the move.
…I’ll see you on the other side.
Hope to be at Ripplespeak.com by Aug 1
and will link it up here just as soon as we’re unpacked.
Please don’t be a stranger
….you’re wildly welcome in my life!