Blackwater willies…

pursue peace

I’m finding myself in unfamiliar waters as the season turns. The current has shifted and my life seems swept far downstream from what I’ve known.
The water here seems deeper and darker….not the playful swirls and burbles I’ve grown to love. I’m frightened by the murky depths.
I want to relax and enjoy the ride but this blackwater gives me the willies. Twinges of panic crawl down my
spine as if flies buzz and brush my skin, setting off involuntary twitching in my soul.
I’m craving peace.
Turning to face my fears, I reach into the depths and scoop the shadowy liquid into my cupped hands. Squinting in the dim light, I peer at minerals and silt glistening like gold glitter in the
copper-tinged water.

Turns out, this water isn’t black at all……….it’s only a shadow.

My dread leaks out like the golden water through my fingers. Hope seeps in to replace it, filling me buoyant and light. As I lean back into the current and let it take me, I wonder what else I’d miss if my heart kept condemning what my eyes first decided.
What if I dump all of my expectations and let life present itself fresh every day…
……..lose the assumptions.
I want to be soft and curious again.
No more suspicion….just wonder.