Seasonal soul tending….

lifting mouse
It’s coming on Christmas
~the holidays clamoring on the porch
knocking loudly now.
Before you jump up
and answer the door,
be still, my soul
and listen.I know how much you love the magic,
how you swoon over creating
spaces for it to hover
and touch down.

I get that about you.

Please just hear this.
You are not responsible
to make it happen.
Not this year……not ever.

(I know the doorbell is ringing but please don’t hurry off just yet
…….wait, my soul.)

how plenty and feather-light your energy
when you don’t spend it on speculation
~when you don’t try to figure out how these pieces will ever fit together,
where the money will come from,
what needs to happen
so it all “works out”
and you avoid disappointment?

Those are heavy expectations you’re still carrying
and, well, it’s just not life-giving.
Won’t you lay them down now
before you answer the door?
Leave them behind.

There you go…..palms up.
Much better.

And when you open the door
remember, my soul,
to look up.
Look up.
Lift up your eyes
choose wonder.

What about the broken parts and pieces, you ask?
hurl those scraps and mistakes and messes you can’t fix
onto the compost heap.
Don’t be discouraged.
Nothing’s wasted.
It’s all becoming fertilizer for lovelier gardens to come.
Believe that.

Restoration trumps perfect beginnings every time.

Now, deep breath, baby
and open the door.
Peace be the journey.