Balking at bullies….

owl eyesI just walked away from a bully
and his pile of money.It was sparkly, this treasure
piled up high
~a whole trunkfull of nuts and acorns
for the winter months to come
~seductive and shimmery.
I’m sad to say
I followed it for a while
instead of my jilted heart.

But in the end……..I walked.
I never turned the last trick.

I wish I’d been braver
that I’d befriended myself sooner
and been more articulate
and smarter
and stronger
in the confrontations.
…that I’d been less nervous
and hadn’t talked too much
with a voice that never stopped shaking
and worried that I’d hurt the bully’s feelings
and played a fool.

But in the end, I did walk away from a bully
and his pile of money
and every step I took towards freedom
seemed to carve more deeply into my soul
“NOT for sale”
…………….and I think it may be
the closest thing to poetry
I’ve ever done.