Dear me…….lose the cape


Dear me,
It seems as if your boat has been
taking on water the past few weeks.
I know you’ve been counting on life
becoming gentler once summer arrives…work schedule relenting and becoming less demanding soon. And it’s been a grand effort, but from where I’m sitting, it looks as
if you’re still far from getting caught up and calling it a season.
Here’s what I’m wondering: what if you’re the one who needs to be gentler and less demanding………with yourself.
What if you gave yourself permission to take that trip to the bookstore and buy some new books….summer reads. Would you consider letting yourself read them, even with all the work still on the board? And what about Tuesday’s at Topsail? You aren’t going to bail on the daytrip-to-the-beach-on-Tuesdays idea, are you? I agree, it’s impractical…looks pretty near impossible. Still, your eyes light up like fireflies when you think about it. It looks good on you.
Would you consider…how can I say this graciously…..getting out of the way? Seriously, what is the worst that could happen if you take off the cape….let those plates you’ve been spinning just drop? Do you think everything you love and care for will spiral downward and shatter? Maybe it’d get messy, I give you that. But what if you lose the control and things hurtle instead into broken, beautifully flawed freedom? Seems that may interest you. You talk and pray about it with passion…it pops up in your art and writing lots, too. I’m just thinking…..and please don’t take this as criticism because it’s not….that maybe you’d be more relaxed if you lived as if what you seem to stake your life on is true. I’m just saying.
I bring this to your attention because I care about you. I’m FOR you. And, as your friend, I thought you’d want to know. I accept and love you regardless of what you decide.
Pulling for you,
myself (and I)