A week of weary wobblings has brought me here
where iris rise like whitecaps on big water
and I watch entranced
as sparks leap
from the fresh calm of iris song.
 Leaning in close to hear…… closer still,
a faraway sound drifts near
from a childhood garden
in the time of jellybeans and pretty dresses
and chocolate bunny sweetness
where the iris
first sang me their songs.
Play your music once more
for these ears grown tired,
like an ancient jewelry box,
its haunting fingers playing over my heartstrings
some long forgotten song
….my very own still small long ago voice
singing along
“I…yes” to you,  free and freeing One,
to the Love who came near
to fight for and win my “yes”
 to being known and understood
chosen and cheered for
protected and pulled for
cherished and encouraged
wanted and doted on.
“Yes” to being welcomed and included
planned for and desired
 smiled at and defended
pursued and provided for
rescued and released.
Because of such a Love such as this,
I yes!
(thanks for reminding me,  lovelies:)