Windy, weak and wonderful….

helpless is beautifulStrong winds are turning up the undersides of the leaves in my life; I can smell the coming storm. I’m learning to love the delicious danger

of being small in the path of extraordinary power……like swimming alongside a behemoth fish that may swipe it’s tail and finish me because it’s huge and I’m helpless in contrast.
Dread would swallow me if I didn’t let go, releasing myself to the sweet shelter of One powerful enough to level but so fiercely FOR me that I’m protected, tucked in under His massive form looming overhead. Shadowed by Love, I can trust this mighty heart.
But can I manage Him? Um, decidedly no. These waters we travel are not theme park safe; the danger is real. C.S. Lewis wrote, “Then he isn’t safe? Safe? Who said anything about safe?
‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good.”
Listening to the storm rumbling closer and feeling drops of change pelting my face as I turn into the wind, I let my weakness be what it is and refuse to steel myself against it….quit grasping for control. Going palms up, billowy breezes lift the arms of my soul high into the air and twirl me like a much-cherished daughter secure in her daddy’s firm grip. I’m willing to risk myself to love like this and so, head back, I ride these winds of change like dry leaves in a hurricane.
Even if the landscape of my life is completely altered, it’s going to be okay. Safe? That’s a hopeful wait and see. But good……definitely.