Sweet small somethings

Winter seems to be taking a gentle intermission.
as pansies lift their weathered faces
for some afternoon sunsoaking
and coats and scarves sigh on the clothesline,
while rare balmy breezes shake them free of winterdust.
And I throw open windows to celebrate
and marvel over the many small somethings
I’d have mistaken for nothings
before my hubby headed into surgery for a new knee
exactly two months ago.
Two months of  hard fought ground and two steps back for every push forward
and irritable stretching and uncomfortable squeezing
until I find myself, like the pansies,
full of relief,  face to the sun
and grinning with wonder
~freshly opened spaces as rehab equipment is moved out of the house
~relaxed dogs as therapists stop coming inside to hurt on their man
 (poor girls couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let them take down the physical therapist who
 clearly came to inflict pain on their human!)
~no more shots to give or meds to organize and schedule
~lucid conversations as narcotic haze is gone
~hubby driving himself!!!!!!!
~luxury of having house to myself on occasion again
(well,  okay,  I’ve always appreciated this)
~staying in bed at night, under warm covers, as hubby able to navigate to bathroom and back without help
~no worries with stairs or showers or socks or shoes
~and the thorough THRILL of going  to our favorite neighborhood deli
or movie theatre
These are sweet,  sweet,  SWEET somethings afterall!
And I’m giddy with the grace of it all:)