Gathering graces….

hat squirrel
Grateful…grateful…grateful…~to be alive
on this magnificent work of art;
the beauty on this planet
is engaging
beyond words.

~for sanctuary
…especially the one deep inside me.

~That I’m not alone.
That I’ll never, under any circumstance,
be truly alone.
Yet I can relish nourishing solitude.

~for rainy days when my paints and pens tumble onto the table
like happy puppies.

~for the hard stuff
….the uncomfortable, irritating,
frustrating, nerve-wracking and even heart-breaking bits.
(renovation is stressful but so worth the hassle)

~for hot baths and dove soap.

~for the medical arts and creative healers who care and serve.

~for chocolate
….dark, creamy, hot,
hugging nuts and dried fruits,
pudding’d, pie’d, baked into cakes,
whipped into frostings,
chunked into cookies and scones.
I’m a fan:)

~for the joyful energy, laughter and clamor
of family gathered together
and for the soft hush that fills the house
when it goes quiet and still again.

~that I can see December from here.
Hello you beautiful last month of the year!
Suddenly my knees are less rubbery
and I can see the twinkle lights
and the end of the tunnel.