Cool runnings….

creative freedomSpringtime pulled and pounded until I was broken down and hungry for rest with no way to feed it. But I can see the summery twinkle lights at the end of this sweltering tunnel and laugh out loud because it’s time to play again….to take a dive from my heavy schedule and let my creativity go offroad to wander freely in open pastures.

So focused on planting and producing, I’ve missed the raw joy of exploring among the wavy grasses and wildflowers growing along the backroads of my mind. Stepping off the paved roads and heading for summertime’s back forty, I feel a spring bubbling up in me where God’s breath stirs….where I feel his aliveness. Here, instead of poking around creek beds looking for shallow pools, I can swim like an otter in deep waters.
For just a moment, my soul squeezes into a nervous little ball, wondering just what I’m doing out here ( is this really responsible? shouldn’t I be earning….PRODUCING….something???).
Accusation, like a crooked scarecrow, warns and taunts “move along now….
make yourself useful. You aren’t worthy to be here.” Blackbirds hovering overhead seem to be
calling down, singing “you were always waiting for this moment to arise.” As I listen and take heart, I inhale how lovely and light it feels to come untangled and get back to the business of becoming what I was born to be.
Returning to this gentle pace, I lose the burden of myself and wander freely into these fields of grace….opening wide for summer to unlock the blue in the sky and release it into my soul. Cool runnings…..peace be the journey.