Hold me closer, tiny dancer….

quiet mind
I’ve been sore from dancing with my fears; it’s spine-wrenching and all too familiar. Invited by Love Himself to leave the shallows and wade out deeper onto the dance floor, giving Him the lead, I dream of grooving to His rhythms instead.
My heart longs to follow but my feet feel heavy….stuck.

The willowy sweetness of Grace invites me, “may I have this dance?” I drag my chains behind me, the “shoulds” that jerk and jostle while claiming to keep me safe. The only “yes” I can manage, it’s enough. I’m swept into a bohemian rhapsody…into newborn motion colliding awkwardly with old patterns and mindsets.

Here in the swirling waters of these fresh steps forward, His breath pours over me like a loofah….peeling off painful pressure until fear shakes loose and slips off. Old stale beliefs can no longer stick and slide away. I lean into Love that is unwilling to leave me a stranded wallflower. The carbonation in my soul, shaken by my violent dance with fear, is released as He quiets down the waters of my mind.

Enabling me to let go, I’m coming into the wildness inside of me. The dance is exhilarating, but without the agitation and struggle and striving I’ve always known. Instead, there is rich, buttery peace.

I dreamed of this as a little girl….of becoming a graceful dancer in the knowing arms of a strong partner I can trust with my very life. Instead of demanding a performance, He pulls me to His heart as He sings over me “hold me closer, tiny dancer.” Pressing in closer, I hold on for dear life. I was born for this.