beautiful asking….

Last month,  Relyn of “”
asked me if I’d like to write a guest post during her April celebration of passion.
Sure!  I’m pretty passionate so I’ll just plunk it down on paper
and that will be fun….nice and easy.
  Okay,  so my passion is for………well, it’s just so much.
Hmmm.  What is my passion?
I didn’t know where I’d land or what twists and turns would get me there,
but it was beautiful to be asked
so I headed inward to explore.
By the way,  Relyn is a teacher
….one of the ones we all wish we’d had.
Her heart is a gentle fireside that invites others to unfold
and let down their dreams for the seeing,
like a long, sandy beach that beckons us to walk a little further
in wonder over what we may find next.
Something about her asking soothed me deeply.
Maybe even healed something.
Like all good teachers,  Relyn has a way
of helping others with their becoming.
Becoming is such a messy process
….not predictable or perfectly plotted.
Gifted teachers learn to work with,  not against, it.
I want to become like these.
We reveal our trueness to the curiuous,
not the controlling.
I want patience and wonder
to replace assumption and prediction,
I’m so grateful for souls that ask.
and see what I found,
if you like.
( passion for ripples!)
-you’ll likely find yourself returning to visit
Relyn’s gentle place
again and again.
me this week…… becoming.