49 candles…..

January snow
49 reasons I’m oh so glad
to be here!
(in completely random order)~birdsong
~the wonder of music
~my warm loving man
~every single color ever born
~every breath my children take
~faces that say “I like you”
~snowflakes and seasons
~the lives and love
of my mom and dad
~the deep beautiful melancholy
of change

~freedom of expression
~the magic of modern photography
~feathers and flight
~the radical relief of releasing control
~every minute spent with my sister and her wonderful tribe
~the symphony of my kid’s laughter
~the unwavering love of God
~the sweet gift of friendship
~sunshine and sunglasses

~the warmth of wood fires
~beautiful and bountiful lighting
~every freckle I’ve collected

~clamor and quiet
~that I can affect change every single time I pray
~the whole juicy business of dreaming~beach time
~the loyalty of a dog
~forgiveness and second chances
~the miracle of our amazingly responsive bodies
~the tastes, textures and beauty of food
~beginnings and endings
~the gazillions of ways “I love you” gets said
~words….all of them

~movement and dance
~fragrance…poetry for my nose
~the slow and gentle art of getting to know someone
~every dark moment that makes bright ones seem all the more dazzling
~paints, pens, pastels, scissors, paper…..
~the diversity and strength of community
~windows and doors
~moving water

~well run and much loved farms
~the connectivity of computers and ability to learn that language
~the grace to choose and create
~soil and soap
~sunrises and sunsets
~seashells and stones
~daydreams and destiny
~the choice and chance to leave a legacy

“to live’s a privilege; to love is such an art” -Nancy Honeytree

January snow