Even song…..

Even when the night dances so dark on your mind
that your peace splinters tears,
when life feels over-budget and over-drawn
but under-spent;
in the ache and stall and prickle
and the fear that can sit so heavy on a belly
that you freeze clear through to your spine,
even then it is there,
rumbling low,
fluttering hope.

In what could quickly become despair
even there a bud burns still inside to open,
to sizzle and surge and batter through rock
and shriek life back into all that has died.

In the stabbing glare of all you may have wished or wasted
or wandered off from,
there’s an epilogue unwritten still
but swirling always fierce with hope
that won’t let go even when you must

It rumbles new beginnings,  new pages,  new leaves and buds and seasons,
that what was lost may still be found,
that what was buried may yet live.

That in all of the loss and leaving,
in the dreams that died in the shell,
your heart is safe to lean in to what’s coming
into the quiet thunder that’s humming
hold steady,
it is well.

“What’s lost is nothing to what’s found,
and all the death that ever was,
set next to life,
would scarcely fill a cup.”
– Frederick Buechner

I’m doing a give-away this week over here (image below)
A little love bomb from Singing River – some handwritten encouragement,
a smattering of blank note cards and envelopes,
and my first homemade art journal.   It’s imperfect but lovely
and just long enough for this strange season we’re in.
All made and sent to you with love and well-washed hands:)
I’ll draw a name from the comments Tuesday night 4/7.
And be back here with another post next Wed.
Sending love and huge hope for you and yours.


  1. Heartfelt hugs (of the non contagious variety) and oceans of caring are flowing your way.
    And how I love your bent but never broken creative self.

  2. Thank you for that sweet fluttering of hope and the green green grass and that lovely road going off down yonder … stay well, dear.

  3. Underspent but with the hope of dreams dashed as a new beginning appears
    What was lost will be found
    But unsure about the lost so
    The found will be a delightful
    Surprise !
    Lucille Christie

  4. Patty Hight says

    Awaiting Resurrection with hope!
    Love you friend!

  5. Yours words still help to show the light in these somber days. Thank you for their colours and their bright energy <3

  6. kathy ammon says

    “that what was lost may still be found,
    that what was buried may yet live. “Oh my thank you for being you and sharing you with us💜 you always bring into light that which moves deep within- stirring my spirit up by name like a warm encouraging . Embrace.

  7. It’s 2am and your heart has just blessed mine. Thank you. It is well!

  8. Jane Brocious says

    I’m not commenting just to win the prize (though I hope I do 😘). Almost daily, you bring me lift, light, love, and I am so grateful for your beauty! While I enjoy your social media shares, I do miss the tangible representations. I’m headed to your Etsy store right now. I love your soul! ~Jane

  9. Hold Steady. It is Well. I’m printing that out and putting it on my door, so the postman can see it. And all who come to my door. Thank you. I needed this.

    • Glad some words landed, Jeanie:) I love it when that happens:)
      I appreciate you in this world,



  11. It IS well. Your posts always acknowledge the pain of life but help us be at peace with it and leave us filled with hope. Thank you! I hope you are staying well!!

    • Thanks for hearing me so well, Barbara. I appreciate your presence in this world:)
      Well here and big hope for you as well:)
      – Jennifer

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