From the loving tree…..

Morning breaks through branches scratching words across the sky
and I draw back sometimes like a stranger to love
because I’ve taken on some lies
that sting and shame
and so I look down
and miss the affectionate twinkle
in the only eyes who get to tell me who I am.

But when I listen for the truth,
close my eyes and listen low,
there comes the soft storm of a sound like drumming,
the sweet strong thunder of a river humming,
breaking off the shame and home to me coming
back to the true of my heart.

And I remember it fresh – don’t eat from the tree
made of eyes that can never see or know me.

And so again I am breaking up with shame
as the wind rustles valentines from God.

“Distrust shame.
Even when you don’t fit.”
– Mandy Bird

In the awkward stage of practicing new skills over here –
taking a personal challenge to learn to say what I mean without so many words
and this is a fearful thing
because I don’t want to be misunderstood.
It’s my nature,  instead,  to explain.
To use lots of paint to try and say it clear:)
Having an awkward go
and grateful if what I write down
meets you where you are.
With love:)


  1. Your words ALWAYS dance, sing and rise to meet me. For which I thank you. From the deepest recesses of my self.

    • dance and sing and rise to meet me – i love those words so much:)
      Thanks for your warm encouragement – i feel the long days and summerness from here:)

  2. It’s not always easy to put feelings on paper but you always do it so well when you put the stirring of your soul into poetry and you never use too many words. Your words are always inspiring and challenge us to read between the line. Something I’m not always good at but it’s always food for thought.
    Always grateful to read your words.
    Hugs, Julia

    • Read between the lines – I love that roomy place.
      Dream: for readers to find what they need there. To hear what makes their own hearts sing their own true songs.
      Dreaming and plucking away:)
      I appreciate your fantastic encouragement, Julia; thank you,

  3. You did a great job!

  4. I wish I had your great gift of saying just the right words so eloquently and with such soul. And your photos — exquisite.

    • Thanks for your kind encouragement, Jeanie:)
      Finding words feels to me like arranging flowers or planting a garden – always the plucking out and plopping back in again:)
      Rare to feel “done”
      If I had a dime for every time I tweak……:)
      Warm hugs,

  5. Yes….. quite the challenge to say what is meant. A work always in progress ❤️

  6. Patty Hight says

    Thanks for the challenge. I struggle at not using too many words at work. Not wanting to be misunderstood or not completely transparent. I will work on this too!
    Love you, Pad

  7. Cathy B Davis says

    Always beautiful words and pictures from my gifted cousin.
    Love to you cuz!

  8. I love that your nature is to explain…CARRY ON!

  9. Your words always speak to the heart
    of the matter ! Grace is upon you my dear sister.
    and it warms my soul that we are kindred spirits .

  10. These two most recent posts were HUGE for me, Jennifer….. with all my heart, thank you…..

    • Hello there dear Elizabeth:)
      So glad to hear from you again. I love that my words found you somehow
      where they met you; thanks for letting me know.
      It moves me much:)
      Big love and comfort to you,

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