Hear the bones they break…..

It hurts to stay in my skin sometimes as messages blister across airwaves and page.
If I could say one word to we-the-people of this land that I hold dear,
it wouldn’t be “love” but I would mean that so big.
It would be listen.  Please listen.
Because we’re saying love a whole lot but I wonder how it is
we keep arriving at conclusions while sidestepping respectful conversation.
Love is love is love…..it extends to oppressors as well as the oppressed.
There is a distinctly different working out of it for each,
but love gets dragged up under the rails and crushed
when we don’t let it steady our speech.
Words that diminish will never move us into healing change.
They just won’t.
We need to listen and hear.

I’m breaking from making the words so I’ve gathered some quotes that I love
about listening and learning to lay down our arms….. to let love have a go.
Hope you find a nibble that you like:

“You reclaim  your power by loving what you were once taught to hate.”
– Bryant McGill

“Listen with curiosity.
The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand.
We listen to reply.  When we listen with curiosity,  we don’t listen with the intent to reply.
We listen for what’s behind the words.”
– Roy Bennett

“Being heard is so close to being loved
that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.”
– David Augsburger

“Instead of seeing how much pain I can dish out towards those I disagree with,
or who I believe have done me wrong,
I seek to use my words and behavior to create more of what the world needs
– love,  compassion,  and connection.”
-Aspen Baker

“Listening is where love begins:  listening to ourselves
and then to our neighbors.”
– Fred Rogers

“Your lips are moving,  I cannot hear.
I’m looking through you,  and you’re nowhere.”
– Paul McCartney

Thanks for dropping by,  dear one.  I so appreciate your presence here.
My mister is having surgery in a few days and I’ll be wearing a few more hats.
He’s not ill;  just in big-time pain and must get a brand new knee.
The timing also feels painful hard as we head into our busy season so I’d appreciate
all the prayer, good juju and encouragement you might feel inclined to send:)


  1. I volunteer on a crisis line. Listening is the first (and the most important) skill we are reminded about. And really listening, not composing our reply is surprisingly tiring. And equally rewarding.
    Cyber wishes of healing and strength are flowing to your Mister and to you. Today and always.

    • It is work, isn’t it! Sometimes I have to wrestle my ego to the ground, it feels:/
      Rewarding work, like you say. Thanks for those wishes ….feeling them:)

  2. Dear Jennifer, your words rings true and the whole world needs to take note.
    Speedy recovery to your Mister. Love & prayers.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. You are right: listen.
    Sending positive thoughts your way. Best to your husband too! Kath

  4. Oh how you’ve managed to sum it up – LISTEN. Good luck to the hubby!

    • Isn’t that a beautiful word: listen.
      It feels so sweet to my soul. Thanks for coming by
      and sending good vibrations:)

  5. Sending positive, healing vibes over to you and your man. I hope that the surgery goes well and that you can manage under the weight of your many hats, Jennifer. Sending hugs.
    And the listening – so vital – I am still learning, but understand more and more the value of hearing and being heard. Wonderful quotes.

    • Thanks, Judy:) I am still learning to listen, too…it seems the work of a lifetime.
      Hearing and being heard – such profound acts of love.
      Thanks for joining the conversation,

  6. Sending a lot of healing to mister. And you are so right – what happened to listening and dialogues and respect?

    • Thanks for that, Fi, and I feel your question deeply.
      Listening and dialogue and respect…love in action.
      Thanks for coming by,

  7. Sweet Jennifer, as always you nail it in a word or two — love and listen, in this case — with others that just help tell the story and make it matter more. Your words stand as mightily as all those wonderful quotes. I will be copying many of them for my wall. Good reminders in many situations.

    Meanwhile, I send healing wishes to your husband and coping wishes to you in the nursing/gardening/busy season with work. And big hugs, too.

  8. Beautiful prose, as always, uplifting my heart! Hoping your Mister does very well indeed. With your healing presence, I feel sure he can’t miss. <3

  9. “being heard is so close to being loved” Amen. and now when I read your words I hear them in your voice, such a lovely thing!

  10. Joan Creasy says

    Beautifully said, Jennifer! We banter about that “L” word like a badminton birdie without really possessing the selflessness that it means. Wish this could be aired across the whole of this nation! THANK YOU! Love you, Mom

  11. A word of encouragement. I had my knee replacement April 2016. All went well. I can walk for miles now. Tip: make sure he does the PT! Very important! I was on my way to the beach 3 weeks after surgery because I was faithful with my PT. Rob was my perfect nurse, and Jesus is my healer. Prayers for you both, for strength, wisdom, and patience.

  12. Patty Hight Davis says

    One note: Truth can bully and belittle. I have fought my weight all my life. My name rhymes with “fatty” and I heard numerous times “Fatty Patty” yelled at me in the halls of Martin Jr. High School. We both also have beloved homosexual and lesbian family and friends who I know have been bullied for their “otherness”. I can fill a swimming pool with the tears that I have cried due to insensitive individuals who were probably suffering from a low self esteem and pain that they could hide. It is true that I am overweight, it is true that we have LGBT friends. Some hurting people use this truth, as some Christians pull lines of selective scripture from the bible, to bully and belittle. I think your art should say God’s Truth Does’t Bully or Belittle! Thanks for LISTENING! 💕 Love you dear friend! Pad

  13. Patty Hight Davis says

    OR Truth Doesn’t Bully or Belittle, People Do!

  14. Patty Hight Davis says

    OR how about this? Truth Doesn’t Bully or Belittle, People Do! Love you!

  15. Amen to more love – love from the heart, not just from the lips. Prayers for your mister for a successful surgery and swift healing, and for both of you in your busy season!

    • Thanks for those well wishes and, to more love – i second that emotion!
      Yes, yes and yes:)
      Thanks for coming by, Barbara,

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