A trust-fall back into the flow…..

Sometimes,  when I barrel into a block with my writing,  I wriggle free
by doing this something that comforts loose the flow
and I wonder if it’s an odd quirk of mine,  or do you do it too:
I love lists.
Sometimes the list becomes the thing.
Like today,  when I’m trying to back into a project I started in the Spring,
because I still can’t seem to find the front door.
These times I often go around back and see if there’s a little service entrance
where I won’t feel so conscious of my muddy-ness
and I can sit on the porch and leave my shoes to dry
while I walk on, barefoot,  inside.

I began a series back in March to explore the stories stirring in my heart
about my messy dance with God on this noisy planet,
rocking always,  this world,  to the strobe lights of scattered messages,
sweet and sullied,  soothing and strangling.
To discover more what really fits for me and who am I anyway
in the wide river of this mystery.
Yeah,  just a little tidbit to chew on.
Then life splintered down pretty hard and I pulled back for awhile.

So I’m offering up my list
as I do a trust-fall back into the flow……

Religion vs. Spirit
(when I speak of “religion” I’m not calling out specifics.  No disrespect.
I mean fundamentalism,  which can disease any set of beliefs or thoughts)

~ Religion dries;  Spirit is fluid.

~ Religion  is push;  Spirit is flow.

~Religion is strain; Spirit is release.

~ Religion is punitive; Spirit is creative.

~Religion is flint sharp and squint to balance scales;
Spirit is lightning strong and redeeming what is.

~Religion is pity,  for it stands above and apart;
Spirit is compassion,  for it identifies with and meets.

~Religion is strive for perfection; Spirit is permission to thrive.

~Religion accuses and shames; Spirit reveals and restores.

~ Religion is performance; Spirit is presence.

~ Religion drives; Spirit woos and calls.

I’ll be back around with my stories and songs as I bob on down this river and see where it takes me.
Thanks for being a place where I can share it safe in the borning.

“Everyday I wonder how many things I am dead wrong about.”
– Jim Harrison

“I’m here to be me,  which is taking a great deal longer than I had hoped.”
– Anne Lamott

Sharing below a little video I made for you;


  1. Spirit, compassion, empathy and kindness (to ourselves and others) speak MUCH louder to me than religion.
    Happy wandering and exploring.
    And hugs.

    • jennifer says

      Me too, Sue. Thanks for the encouragement to wander and explore:)
      Freeing words, those:)

  2. I agree whole heatedly with you. I would add that religion divides and the Holy Spirit unifies. Religion is man made and what isn’t of God will crumble because it’s imperfect.

    I enjoy listening to your soothing voice.
    Hugs, Julia

    • jennifer says

      Yes – really good one, Julia. One divides, the other gathers. Welcomes. Yes, thank you.
      I always enjoy hearing your perspective.

  3. Beautiful and couldn’t agree more with what was already said. And…btw…you nailed that video. Awesome!

  4. Nice article, thanks for sharing.

  5. It took many years to realize this and to understand why no felt and believed the way I did. Love how you could put this down on “paper”. Hugs to you

  6. I love this, Jennifer. I have LONG had issues with “religion.” It just seems to get people into trouble, make them mad! It isn’t that I don’t have a religion as such — I suppose you could call me a basically Protestant Buddhist Humanist with deep affinity for Jewish culture and great curiosity about the other formal religions of the world. In other words, I’m more a person of spirit — one who will release, reveal, restore and accusative or punitive or pushy, to pull a few things from your list. I appreciate that for some, they must hold onto doctrine. I hold onto the light. Some may say it is the same but my light has no doctrine but hope and love.

    Eloquently written and conceived. I love this.

  7. Loving your words always and, of course, Annie Lamott’s fit perfectly, too … it is taking a great deal longer than I hoped but getting there!

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