Gifts from a song-bird…..

I want to share some birdsong I’ve been grooving on,
some sweet shots of sanity
that sift  the kool-aid to the top
so truth can skim it off and toss it,
leaving clearer waters inside.

Because, geez, this world gets noisy,
so much hype and clatter
drummed down harsh on living things
and we seem somehow to reserve the cruelest prattle for ourselves.

Into the thick of some sludge and syrup,
God sent me a bird.
Mandy Bird.
I want to share some words from her perch.
Because maybe you need her healing music just now,  too.

“Something very beautiful happens to people
when their world has fallen apart:
a humility,
a nobility,
a higher intelligence
emerges just at the point
when our knees hit the floor.”
– Marianne Williamson

To this rich quote Mandy responds,
“This is the blessing of huge struggle……
don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is bullshit.
Putting on your big girl panties usually means avoiding your grief.
Those statements are designed to shame you for being so beautifully human.
Tell shame to kiss off.

Don’t fall for that numbed out bravado.
Let’s actually learn to be heart-awake and emotionally intelligent.
Be courageous by keeping your heart open.
Now that’s big courage!”
– Mandy Bird

I know,  right?
And this.

“Don’t lessen your intensity to make others feel comfortable.
Don’t pour water on the fire of your heart.
The world needs your fire and passion.
Tell shame to kiss off.
Be you.”
– Mandy Bird

I’m in the thick of writing and writing and more writing
so I wanted to share Mandy with you this week instead.
Because her voice is one of the ways I listen for God above the fray
and I love her humor and heart and way.

You can find her on Instagram @bird_mandy

“The Ocean says ‘quit pretending to be clear.
That pretense keeps you from receiving what I can give you.’ ”
– Rumi


  1. Thanks for sharing this great bird song Jennifer. So much wisdom in the melody.
    Smiles & hugs

    • jennifer says

      Exactly, Julia; I love that we sense the same music:)
      Thanks for your kindness and company:)
      Big grinning hug,

  2. Wonderful words – and I love the Rumi quote.

    • jennifer says

      thanks, Fi:)
      It’s been a super-busy time and I’m grateful for other hearts I’m eager to share:)

  3. Mandy’s song is one we all need to hear, to share, to dance to.
    Hugs and gratitude.

  4. These are wonderfully inspiring and you are quite right — the perfect antidote to all around us. Sending hugs and grateful thanks your way.

    • jennifer says

      Returning those hugs and sending my own thanks
      for your way of being you and here
      that feeds my courage always:)

  5. Maribeth says

    Wow, wow, wow. Love this and love when kindred spirits collide.

    • jennifer says

      I know – such a gift:)
      Thanks for groovin’ with me, Maribeth:)
      Big joy to you in your own courage-walk!

  6. I needed this today. Thank you, Jennifer — and Mandy Bird — from my heart. <3

  7. Love Mandy Bird! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thank you, sweet friend, and Mandy Bird … I’ve always really disliked that saying of pulling up your big girl panties! and of hiding my truth to keep others comfortable, trusting myself to just tell it like it is.

    • jennifer says

      I love how you tell it:)
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your voice
      ( and big love to you in the one-day-at-a-time)
      Strength to you and yours,

  9. Lynn Wilkinson says

    I have been feeling stoned by those closest to me … as a f I have done so,thing terribly wrong and have been set at the center of town and as people,pass they strict me aphard with a stone. This Ripplepseak is so perfectly timed. Friday I was brought to my knees and I have read your words and quotes over and over again. I have also been brought back close to my center.
    Love you, love your heart and the way you chose to share it with us all.

    • jennifer says

      Oh Lynn. Sending love and hugs and prayers and presence with you,
      down there on your knees. Holding your hand. Breathing with you.
      Drawing in grace; exhaling the bitter stuff. Love, friend.
      So much love.
      With you,

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