A barefoot mercy…..

I wrote a post and hurled it up “on time” – my self-imposed deadline,
then took it down again for the love of you and I
and the scurry of words which needed a good bit longer to marinate.
Felt like I was forcing them through a sieve instead of letting them be
what they wanted to become.
So I’ve got lots of space here
that I’ll
No fillers.
So interesting to sit with this discomfort.

Mercy – it’s what I tried to wrap words around.
Such an evocative word,
Mercy and forgiveness.
Since the words aren’t crisp yet,  I’ll leave you with these brilliant ones:

“…we are always the ones
who need to be absolved,
taken back into our hearts.
I forgave myself for the fisherman’s words and behavior,
for taking on his ugliness and making it something I believed
to be true about myself.
His words had gotten on me and then in me,
and then I had hoarded them,
building evidence that I was right about being fundamentally wrong.”
– Anne Lamott

And I’ll share my first video (happy sigh)
on my fledgling youtube channel.
Come see,  if you like.







  1. My Inner Child is frequently the sanest, happiest and healthiest part of me. I need to listen to her MUCH more than she needs to listen to me.
    Heartfelt hugs and oceans of caring to you in your journeys.

    • jennifer says

      I so hear you. And love your perspective:)
      Thanks for sharing your heart here – it means so much:)

  2. Wow, I got lost in your beautiful story and even forgot that time wasn’t standing still for me. How beautifully you tell your story.
    warm smiles & hugs,

    • jennifer says

      Hi Julia,
      It’s a bit long, yes? Readying some much shorter videos this week:)
      Thanks and big warm smiles and hugs to beautiful you,

  3. I too have been thinking a lot about my childhood self… Hello to you.

    • jennifer says

      Thanks, Kathy, for coming by:) I pulled down my post but appreciate so big your encouragement
      and friendship:) Big love from my childhood self to yours:)

  4. Lisa Moreland says

    A raw heart speaking courageously, balm for kindred listeners. 🕊

    • jennifer says

      Thanks so much for your encouragement, Lisa; I appreciate your spirit sooooo very much:)

  5. I love your words and your video — your first? Really? — is beautiful. It’s so warm and personal to hear your voice saying your own beautiful words. Your story — you tell it so well, so deeply, so personally. (And your edits are terrific!) I’m glad you’re venturing into this branch of creativity.

    • jennifer says

      Yes, Jeanie, my first in that I’ve never put my wordy dream into voice and pictures before.
      But it was collaboration, for sure! With David Sniadecki, a talented (very) videographer who is
      also a good friend of both of my sons. He sort of grew up around here:) I love his eye and so enjoyed
      working with him – the edit brilliance is all his:)
      Thanks for encouraging me down this road – I’m loving it so far! Super inspired:)

  6. Lovely video…enjoyed the images and your words! OH…the childhood self…lots to ponder.

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