To be wowed and watching…..

Keep being wowed,
heaven blowing often kisses
and because you’re watching,
you catch and let them woo you

keeping palms up and heart open,
your romance with living alive.

Keep showing up to the table,
going soft to miracle and mystery,
to all the mundane glory
winking and whispering tender
from a place
of only love.

“Look up more than down.   See more than say.
Listen more than speak.
Hope more than dread.
Believe more than criticize.
Yes more than no.  No more than maybe.
Laugh more than cry.
Love more than hate.
See.  More.  See.”

– Tyler Knott Gregson

(A little something from the archives
because i think it fits easy and that we all need some simple right now)


  1. Yes, just breathe and everything will be OK…. A lot of good wisdom.

  2. What’s not to love in the archives? Surely this one is a treasure and a timely one at that.

    Breathe, my friend, and greet the new day!

  3. Balm for a weary soul…

    • Lift and light to those weary places, dearheart;
      you’re safeheld and cared for big:)
      The biggest of hugs,

  4. I like how this fits easy and takes my breath away and breathes more into hope.

  5. Such an uplifting post, Jennifer, and a beautiful quote. Much needed right now.
    Many thanks. xo

    • Thanks, Judy:)
      And thanks for your graciousness to wait long for this reply:)
      It’s been a strange sort of season.
      Much love,

  6. So much hope here…thank you! (LOVE that first image!)

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