On sails of celebration…..

I’ve been a quiet sort here lately,  haven’t I,
my soul long squirming to stay still and startled grateful as the stillness found me instead.
I haven’t wanted to stir the deep quiet
because it’s been feeding me something I didn’t even know I was hungry for.

I do a little creative challenge each year and this time I’ve been sharing my daily
over on instagram  (jenniferripplespeak);  it seems to be fueled by the bit of juice
that I usually cook with over here
so I forget that I haven’t actually been blogging regularly.
I think I want to change that.
So here again I am:)

I’ve got another little series steeping in my heart
but it’s not strong enough for sipping yet
so I’m letting it brew.
Until then,  a celebratory snippet to offer up to you:)

~ “Let me keep my distance,  always,  from those who think
they have all the answers.
Let me keep company always with those who say,
‘Look!’ and laugh in astonishment
and bow their heads.”
– Mary Oliver

“Every day I see or hear something
that more or less kills me with delight,
that leaves me like a needle in a haystack of light.”
– Mary Oliver.

(thanks for being gracious to me about my gone-time;
i love and appreciate you big)



  1. Everyone need a little time away from Blogger. You’ve been missed.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I will look forward to your series, Jennifer and until then, any of the joyful loveliness you share. It was wonderful to see the ocean today. I’m ready for open water.

    • The sea is balm to me, too, Jeanie. I’ve never actually been out on open water before.
      I just realized that. Always a shore-hugger, I guess. Beaches speak to me. Maybe I’ve got
      some exploring to do!
      Thanks for your inspiring nudges,

  3. Following the journey here and on Instagram, welcome your tender heart songs ❣️

  4. Lynn Wilkinson says

    Oh Jenn,let that pace steep long and through that the Lord may continue feeding all the wisdom and understanding you seek and desire. Thank you for the wonderful gift of love and encouragement. It meant so very much to me.

    • Thanks for those balmy words, Lynn; i’m grateful we don’t have to let ourselves be
      throttled along by “shoulds”….something about life demands intention, doesn’t it.
      Or maybe this is just one of those seasons. I’m glad you were encouraged. You’ve
      been that to me many times, friend:)

  5. Beautiful you, beautiful Mary Oliver, beautiful beach. I always love catching you wherever I can but I’m not on Instagram yet so I’m happy when you blog!

    • jennifer says

      So good to know that you’re not on instagram! I thought most were on both fb and instagram
      so I’ve stopped posting much on fb. Really helpful to know. I don’t want to lose touch with you.
      Always you inspire:)

  6. I think it’s good that we pop in and out…keeps things fresh. I’ve found Instagram to be so quick and fun…but blogs require us to slow down…and that’s a good thing!

    • jennifer says

      Good perspective, Robin.
      Slow down and tug free the words, for sure.
      Something about a blog post that feels more like writing a paper for school:)
      It’s good for me. I enjoy the shorts more but they’ll only hold so much water.
      Thanks for being here, friend.
      I appreciate.

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