A new little word to celebrate…..

I’ve listened curious for my one little word;
it’s all I want to pack as I head into each new trek around the sun
and I like to pack light so I wait for the word like a gift that will come
rather than trying on a whole slew of them to see what might fit.
I headed out of the last year so exhausted that I really didn’t care
if another word popped up out of the frozen ground or not.
I felt spent.  Tuckered.  Thoroughly poured out.
Had to squint through the haze to remember what my word for last year even was.
Oh yeah ~  “All”  ~  Figures:)

This January has been a deep resting place for me.
I’ve relished every ounce of quiet.
In the past,  a word swirls in like a feather on a breeze.
No feathers this year.  No breeze.  No desire for either.
Just please let me be still a while longer,  wrapped up warm in a quilt
from everything I lost last year, still dinged and stinging from disappointment.
I just needed sweet,  healing rest.  Life offered, and I took it up grateful.
Then I woke up hungry,  as if from a long,  long nap,
and it seemed like the universe leaned in and kindly asked “so what are you hungry for?”
Usually it’s marshmallows:)

But what rumbled up from my deep was the surest word I’ve ever heard.

I want to celebrate.
To really thrill and tell.
Not just notice and smile,
but to mark my pleasure in a counting-out-loud kind of way.
I don’t know if this is the same thing as being grateful or not
but it feels rather like a muscle that I need to use
and it feels good to put my weight into it again.

So,  celebrate it is.
I’ll be  sharing the daily on Instagram for the next 365:)
In each one of them I wish you joy
in mad abundance!
And then a couple of shots more:)

“Astonishing material and revelation appear in our lives all the time.
Let it be.  Unto us,  much is given.
We just have to be open for business.”
– Anne Lamott




  1. What a jubilatant happy just plain wonderful word to adopt.
    Happy dances from here, sprinkled with rainsbows and stars.

  2. What an exuberant post! Celebrate – such a lovely concept. If we all celebrated a little more, then there would be more room for gratitude and love and less room for whining and hate…

    • So much celebration-worthy, just waiting to be seen and sung.
      This year I want to bellow it out:) Clear the pipes:) Sing it strong:)
      Thanks for your encouragement, Fi,

  3. May I borrow your word “Celebrate”? It seems just the right word to start the new year. It’s not too late yet.I need to celebrate more in 2017.
    Hugs, Julia

    • Absolutely, Julia. Borrow away! Enjoy – it fits you well.
      Especially this year. Much love to you and all the celebration to be:)

  4. The perfect word! You go girl!

  5. Celebrate indeed! A wonderful word, a joyous post, a splendid word. I know what you mean — you have to let the word come to you. And what a grand one. Fill your sweet, beautiful soul with celebration all year long! And don’t forget to share the celebrations with us!

    • Thanks for celebrating my word with me! You’re such a natural at this – you inspire me with your own
      big celebration of life. Thanks for showing me how:)

  6. Perfect!! My Word is LIGHT. It found me…✨

    • Light. Oh wow, I love that one. It loves you, I can tell:)
      Thanks for sharing and sending lots of love to all the light you hold.

  7. I think that’s a perfect word for you! I finally have mine but haven’t had time to share it.. Believe.

    • It fits this year – I love how the words find us, don’t you:)
      I like yours. Big grace and love to your believing. Every drop!

  8. Everything you create is a celebration of life, beauty, joy!

    • Encourage my heart you do:)
      I’m ready to dig and do it more, friend! Thanks for
      affirming that – I hear you and appreciate:)
      Big joy to you,

  9. That IS your word, you always thrill and tell and you are sure open for business! Happy to know that you’ve had some rest now, let’s go! let’s celebrate!
    and how I love that sweet image … xo

    • Thanks Susan:) So glad to celebrate birthdays a little bit together:)
      You’re going to have a wonderful ride, this. I just feel it:)
      Big birthday squeeze,

    • Thanks friend! I’m excited to see where this takes me.
      Always it’s a journey, isn’t it. Love you, birthday girl:)

  10. I’m so glad you’ve moved from exhaustion and disappointment to celebration, Jennifer. I wish you joy, richness of experience and a heart filled with love this year. Your blog is such a blessing to all of us who read it! Thank you.xo

    • Thanks dear Judy…..it’s been such a whale of a season!
      I’m grateful for the waves and the riding. Sometimes they
      feel like tsunamis, don’t they:)
      Love and thanks, friend,

    • Grateful for your presence here, Judy:)
      I appreciate!

  11. Joy in mad abundance… that sounds crazy enough to be true but isn’t it life itself? 🙂 I also like to let the word come to me rather than be looking for it, just in this way I know it is THE word… Jennifer, your words sounded like a poem to me and I love that opening image, so powerful. Have a great, celebrating 2017!

    • Thank you Petra:) In mad abundance – yes:)
      I appreciate your kind words.
      The most beautiful days ahead to you, too.

  12. Celebrate! Yes! I’m slow so far this year, mainly because I’m slowly celebrating while traveling across the breathtaking USA. Just now catching up on your delicious blogs.
    Oceans of ‘celebration’ blessings to you.

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