Grace for the busy, bumped and broken…..


It’s been a bumpy,  broken-toe ride these weeks
and I’ve wiped out in the dark waves as much as I’ve ridden tall
during this busy, busy, busy season for our little mom and pop business.
We let it outgrow us this year and then lost some really stellar help
so this mom is having to dig down to the bellows of her being
to stay the course and keep our word to all the gardens we promised to tend
while the heat kept pounding and the rain refused to fall.
I’ve poured my heart onto paper filled with lists and long days
but haven’t patched them together to make anything to share over here with you.

So I’m just gonna show up and spill what grace I have from the broken bits that I am,
because it’s grace that’s holding me,
and I love the way it’s given ~ always ~ just as each fresh now arrives
That tomorrow looks a dread is only because it’s grace has not yet come.


But it will come.  Sure as sunrise,   it will come.

Serving up some snippets for sipping during testy times:
(hope something fits)

“Shame is a bully,  but grace is a shield.  You are safe here.”  – Ann Voscamp

“You look at me and cry
everything hurts

I hold you and whisper
but everything can heal.”
– Rupi Kaur

“Tears are liquid prayers.”  – Robin McMillian

“Sometimes grace works like water wings when you feel you are sinking.”
– Anne Lamott


“This grace is indiscriminate compassion.
It works without asking anything of us.
Grace is sufficient even though we huff and puff with all our might
to try and find something or someone it cannot cover.
Grace is enough.”
– Brennan Manning

“You can have the other words – chance,  luck,  coincidence,  serendipity.
I’ll take grace.”
–  Mary Oliver

“There’s nothing to prove and nothing to protect.
I am who I am and it’s enough.”
– Richard Rohr


“When the rain is blowing in your face
and the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
to make you feel my love.”
– Bob Dylan


  1. Love your snippets. Healing, nourishing heart balm.
    And despite the noisy voices (within and without) bent you may be, bruised too but never, ever broken.

  2. Beautiful words and shots. But so sorry to hear that life has got away from you. Hope you manage to keep the promises you’ve made, and take what you’ve learnt so that next year is even better.

  3. I love the word grace, the whole concept of grace. It does indeed make you whole. I hope soon enough things will both slow down and cool off enough that you can breathe fully. Until then, stay the course. You already know to let grace be your guide.

  4. Susan Troccolo says

    Grace is a perfect, heart-warming word. Thank you. You always lighten my heart Jennifer. No matter what please *always* know that you are not alone. Blessings. Susie T.

  5. “Tears are liquid prayers” how beautiful. May your tender heart and body get the much needed rest and break it needs soon. xoxo

    • So much thanks. Sometimes it’s just a change of perspective that heals the wound.
      Healing happening now:) Much thanks, Suzanne.

  6. Oh I so hope those broken bits are put back together soon! Big hugs!

  7. A new spring always breaks tomorrow to feed our soul 🙂

  8. So love your grace and your heart and your images and that snippet from Bob, so so, so much.
    Hang in there, sweetie … ease will come soon.

    • It’s been a good stretch….hard and gnarly but the kind where you know
      it’s building some fresh spaces for something more beautiful even
      soon to come. I love restoration, even when it sucks:)

  9. Love my friend and this beautiful gift you have.

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