Singing river and shuffling shy…..


Last year this time I was bursting at the seams
to flesh out a wordy dream I’ve carried for a long time growing
– to find a way to give form and flight to my love for helping tug stories into the light
and whisper free voices that may have gotten buried in the bustle of life.
I’ve carried this flame since I was a girl,  this desire to hear and sing
the hidden songs that another spirit breathes
until they discover in themselves a beauty maybe yet unseen.

It’s grown as I’ve spent time with my older clients,  who come out to sit in their garden chairs
while I dig and tend and weed and mostly keep company with a listening heart
and as I reflect back the breath of their stories and watch their eyes mist and come alight,
it is my honor to hold these spaces sacred.  To be a witness.

So I saved my pennies and purchased a website and named my dream the Singing River Wordshop.
I’ll jump in and pop that thing right out,  I thought,  fueled by strong passion
and labor pains that had gone on plenty long enough.
Get ready to manifest:)
Or so I figured.


Instead,  the river surged wild and I was swept into the tumbling, muddy waters of my own story
and could only ride the waves that tossed me far and away downstream
to a new place altogether.
It’s different,  where I’ve landed.
Less apologetic.  More fearless.
I don’t quite recognize,  but it feels like somewhere I was too afraid to go.
The water sings softly here,  like an afterstorm.
I can hear.

So I’m stepping back in
and trusting help be poured out into every place of need.
Even though I’m knocking around in the dark in technical terms,
I will learn.
Because it’s how I want to invest my Autumn years
– leaning in for a listen to do some wordsmithing for those who may want this,
helping give voice to their own rustle and rhyme.
To notice the whiffs from the incense that a secret heart burns
and wrap words around the treasure buried there.

Because our story is what we leave behind.


“Ultimately what remains is a story.
In the end,  it’s the only thing any of us really owns.”
– Carole Radziwell

The Singing River Wordshop:  It’s about love letters and legacy.
The site is still an empty shell – I’m babystepping into the water again
and so open to questions and input from you – I invite it!
– I want to learn to put words around this thing I’m carrying and I’m not quite there yet.

Giving away another little soul spa package – a love bomb,  of sorts:)
Leave a comment and I’ll toss your name in the hat.

(last week’s drawing goes to Kathy of Paper Pumpkin!  With sooooo much love)


  1. Very few people can make words dance and sing with the colour,scent and rhythm you give them.
    Megathanks to your HUGE caring, listening, loving heart.

  2. Another exciting venture for you! How lovely.

    And your way with words is just magical!

  3. Lynn Wilkinson says

    Jenn, I love the way you open your heart! I look forward to seeing where this workshop takes you… And hear more about how you will invite words from those of us less skilled with our story telling.
    Love it. Absolutely thrilled for you in so many ways.

    • I’m still playing with the “how”s but will eagerly pass along what I get
      along with big thanks for your kind and loving way, Lynn. I really appreciate you:)

  4. Well, if you put “words” together with Jennifer, you know something special will happen. This sounds quite wonderful and I will look forward to hearing much, much more!

  5. Jennifer, it sounds so promising. Your heart and soul is so full of great inspirations. It’s going to bloom into a beautiful bouquet.

    Wishing you great success.

  6. So is it encouraging and working with other writers
    are you imagining commissioned work, offering your unique gift of word-smithing to others? Listening to their intentions and crafting poetic prose for them to gift to others or gift to oneself? Can not think of a more personal and exquisite gift.

    • Thanks for asking, Lisa. I’m seeing commissioned work – for families that want to honor and remember a loved one passing,
      for parent’s to leave their children, for someone who wants to leave the stories and songs their hearts hold to pass along to other
      someones. I’ve done a few locally for moms and I made them into art journals for them to give for Christmas. I love the gift-giving
      format – artful and fun. It makes my heart sommersault:) But I also imagine sending bound copies to family members and even doing visual
      work, combining people’s photographs and their own original art.

      Also, big on my heart, is helping people simply give this gift to themselves. To hear their own stories told short and strong and maybe
      see themselves lovingly in a way they haven’t before.

      Big dream needing some big grace:) I so appreciate your quesitions, Lisa. Thank you!

  7. So glad that Lisa asked so that we know even more! What an offering…wow…just can’t wait to see where this takes you! You go girl! We’ll be cheering you on!

  8. So much exciting news!!! You are incredibly brave AND incredibly, beautifully creative, Jennifer! What an awesome idea… And thank you for drawing my name out of the hat! Love you, k

  9. Jennifer, you have the gift of taking a white canvas and birthing a storing by splattering words of all shades of light and darkness that tippytoe, dance and ultimately leap deep into the core of your reader’s hearts. I wait patiently with anticipation to see singing River workshop. So much love and light to you

  10. the path we are on sometimes twists & turns … slow is OK ! blessings to you as you dip your toe in again <3

  11. You are a true wordsmith and we are cheering you on as you share your gift with other, imparting inspiration to each and every one. 💞

  12. Ahhhhh…a turn in the road…where promise is the heartbeat and hope is the light. Loving this song of river wild…feeling its ripples and catching it’s shimmering glimmers of free. So loving the beauty in this invitation and feeling the privilege of connection to the beautiful sound of an open heart…💖💕💖

    • Your words:) Oh thank you 🙂
      I love it that we get to travel along together again, Cindy.
      Thanks so much for being you,

  13. It’s your gift…go with it! God gave you this ability to paint pictures with words and I’m expecting great things!!! Go Lady! Whatever it takes!

  14. What a beautiful mission my friend! Use your amazing talent to share your love and support. Momma’s autumns were spent knitting teddy bear clothes to dress little stuffed angels who were given to children in crisis. This work gave her so much joy and hundreds of children blessings.
    Praying that you and your clients create amazing legacies and endless hours of happiness to those who read your stories.
    Love you,

    • Thanks Patty! I have no idea how but I’m in;) Not much has changed
      since we made a makeshift raft and pushed off in the swollen creek
      in the dead of winter deep in the woods:) Thanks for sharing my dream.
      You make me brave:)

  15. I truly am in awe of this place where you have landed, I know not another soul who can share words as perfect as afterstorm & whisper free voices and so many, many more that cling to the heart. You are fearless in your love and are here to help, to comfort, so I say follow that bliss and continue on your trail … sounds just right.

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