Listen how they shine…..

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Hey, tenderheart.
I noticed you there and felt it to pass you this note.
If it fits,  feel free to wear it;  if not,  toss and hear how beautiful I think you are:)

You know that little breath you hold?
The one you kind of save back for when you’ll finally feel permission
to relax into your place
at the big table.

That breath you suck in tense
until the someday when you’ll actually be enough
where you’re still feeling rather less than.

Can I whisper into that place?

There is something quietly and genuinely significant about you
There’d be a sad, dark hole in this living canvas
without you.
You’re a custom fit,
particular and priceless by design.

Walk outside and look up at the stars tonight;
listen how they shine,
winking and nodding and noticing you back,
the whole inky blackness of the vast night sky rolled out in welcome
for,  yes,  that would be you,

the universe extended generous to affirm you
just exactly where and how
you are,
each of the beats of your beautiful heart
prized by the lover of all wild things.

What if you let this love name your value
and let that breath go.
Stand beneath the great wide sky,  all small and mighty and cherished,
and breathe all the way down,
past the dregs of your fear,
and embrace it,  your fit and flow.

I totally dare you:)

“We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found,
already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously
who we were born to be.”
– Anne Lamott

I’ll be sending a little love bomb to Robin of Gotham Girl this week.
Another care package in the drawing for this week.
With big joy:)

 (This is an older write;  I’ve re-worked it and am putting it on the menu again
with some freshly sweetened hope.  Let me know if it speaks)


  1. How I love your wisdom, your courage and the beauty and colour you give us. Always.

  2. Stunning photos and your words are so uplifting jennifer. I am moved by how attuned you are to spirituality. x

    • jennifer says

      Hey Simone! So good to see from you:)
      Thanks for the kindness; it touches my heart so sweet:)

  3. I am always inspired after reading your posts. Lovings those photos, yum!

    • jennifer says

      So glad and so much appreciate your encouragement, Sue.
      I love your watercolor ways:)

  4. Yes! This speaks, this speaks! I breathed it in…and let go. Thank you, Jennifer! Have a beautiful day. K

    • jennifer says

      Those kinds of breaths are golden… glad:)
      Breathing deeper with your balmy words.
      Thank you,

  5. Thank you, Jennifer, for all the ways your words and photos tend to my tender heart.

    • jennifer says

      I love how you let it be tender, Rebecca….thanks for being brave
      and for staying true:) You’re priceless, forever friend.

  6. Oh yes, Jennifer. It speaks. Volumes. And eloquently.

    You heal hearts. What a grand gift.

  7. INSPIRED by this posting and THRILLED that a little love bomb is coming my way! Thank you so much!

    • jennifer says

      Just put it on a fast pony this morning….excited to get to spend a little time in your garden!
      Thanks for being such an amazing you:)

  8. They shine brightly and they shine proudly 🙂

  9. Oh, my friend. I’ve been away from blogging WAY too long. It’s so good to come here and find your words as poetic and hopeful as ever. I have missed you, my bloggy friend.

    • jennifer says

      Happy Summering, Relyn:) And congrats on becoming the keeper of the books….you were born to be a librarian
      for a slice of time! May it feed your soul in ways you can’t even ask or imagine:) Thanks for visiting; I love
      your presence.

  10. Exhaling, after enjoying your sweet love note and thanking you deeply, always.

    • jennifer says

      Sitting here with you, I exhale too.
      It’s good to feel your presence. To feel my heart safe here with you:)

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