We shall get there some day…..


There’s been a cold wind blowing so I’m putting out some seed;
simple bites to strengthen what goes dim when life gets raw.
Gather what you like and take as much as you can carry.
Maybe something that I  scatter will nourish that beautiful flame of yours…….

~  Sometimes her spirit scooped her hands into the sky and they fluttered there,  kissing heaven.

~ She let the weight of her worry be swallowed up in wonder
and took on a holy curiosity about it all.

~ She began to shake off intimidation like bits of sleet from her hair.

~ “You’d be surprised how powerful kindness actually is.
I am not being dramatic;  you can save hearts and lives with grace.
– Jen Hatmaker

“People are not problems to be solved.
They are mysteries to be explored.”
– Eugene Peterson

~ Her feet began to dance,
keeping time with both the fierce and fragile
of her heart.

~”For every complex problem,  there is a solution
that is simple,  clear,  and wrong.”
– H.L. Mencken

~ She knew she carried the pen of her life,
but she drew back from the dark blood of the ink.
So she decided to take up feathers and flowers
and write her songs on the wind.

~ Her courage burned holes through intimidation
until her flame climbed high into the night.

That’s it.
It’s all I ‘ve got.
Random seeds to scatter.
Served up in a leftover pan
Please enjoy whatever bits you fancy:)
I’ll be back with a meal next week.

“Rivers know this:  there is no hurry.
We shall get there
some day.”
– A. A. Milne


  1. Thank you for these tidbits, sweet friend! May you have a blessed week!

  2. Thank you as always.
    Wisdom, beauty, feathered enchantment and joy.

  3. Id say your random seeds are pretty darned good! Beautiful quotes and thoughts and a lovely image. I was thinking about you last night when watching the news, knowing you may be in the serious snow zone. Hope all is well, water stocked, power stays on and you enjoy a safe few days.

    • Power stayed on and I can still zip up my jeans so I’d say it was a grand snow event:)
      For some reason I want to gobble up goodies once the streets start to go white.
      It’s a southern thing:)
      Thanks for thinking of me, friend,

  4. I learn so much and feel so much, everytime I visit you here. How I love your expression with words and photos and your art, Jennifer! Hugs, me

    • Wow, Kathy, thanks. I love having someplace to just spread out and express;)
      Thanks for coming by….it means the world:)

  5. Your sweet quotes and words of full of wisdom as always….We are snowed and iced in here in Winston Salem. We have not had power outage and I certainly hope you haven’t and that you are warm…..Hugs

    • Hope you’re toasty and bathed in light for the rest of the winter, Nancy;
      we kept our power and I made a gazillion sausage balls for an upcoming wedding.
      Nice to see but glad I’m a southern girl:)

  6. Love your random scattered seeds! Feeds my soul!

    • Thanks for scratching around over here to find something to munch on, Robin:)
      Big love to you and your city…..hope you’re on dry ground again soon.

  7. ~ “You’d be surprised how powerful kindness actually is.
    I am not being dramatic; you can save hearts and lives with grace.”

    Thank you, friend, for the kind words you left me over at my place. For your kind and generous heart, which never fails to touch mine and leave it a little lighter. Bless you.

  8. Delightful seeds you scattered for us

  9. Lovely words and images to soak up!

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