Holding space for air….

There is a place
in each moment,
a soft space for breath
to unfold slow
and deep
and safe,
where rest enough waits
like a tall glass of lay-me-down
and  whispers welcome
to every lift and settle of my heart.

And there is a stream there,
a place for tired soul to go bare,
glimmering easy songs of here and now
and of a love that fills
and it nourishes and calls
and I can answer if I will

funny valentine

‘Cause sometimes I wreck this heart
by rushing,
wanting to flop down into the finally
of having everything done and wrapped up tight,
and it’s crazy how my mind can wedge me into stories
that steal away my peace
and set me to running from rest
because I get to thinking
that it’s the push and squeeze that saves me.

Yeah,   I can forget to breathe,
to let the soft vapor of life
tend the peace that lifts me
from the weary way I sometimes keep.

It’s braver to breathe.

I wish you deep gulps of air in every place where your heart is holding it’s breathe.

“And breathe,
just breathe.
Oh breathe,
just breathe.”

– Anna Nalick

If you’re looking to do something yummy for yourself,  check out this goodness from my big-dreaming friend,   Kimber.


  1. A sweet treasure of photos and words for this lovely Sunday morning.

  2. How I love your brave, beautiful, vulnerable self.

  3. I love your soft gentle images that accompany your words 🙂

  4. Dear Jennifer, when I started to read your post, the first thing I did was to breath deeply and it filled my space with peace. You have such a way with words of wisdom. My peace was short live as I was unable to leave comments. It won’t recognize my email address and password so I’m trying again. I couldn’t leave a v=comment on Nancy’s blog either.

    • I get so frustrated with tech glitches, too. Fantasy: a personal assistant. How amazing would that be to just do what you love
      without having to sort through languages you don’t know. Big dream:)
      Thanks for stopping by and cheers to some deep sweet peace,

  5. My comment went through. Julia

  6. Your words encourage and fill the troubled space and remind me to breathe deeply and feel the peace….Hugs

    • oh, Nancy. You’re such a cheerleader!
      THANK you, friend:) I so appreciate.
      Filling up alongside of you,

  7. I still forget to breathe sometimes, but I’m getting better at recognizing when I’m holding my breath! It’s amazing what a deep breath can do, isn’t it?

    • Me too. I’m a breath-holder:)
      When I remember, I get full up with air
      and all those constrictions just fall away.
      Cheers to a double portion of air,

  8. …wanting to flop down into Finally… i am feelin’ that today. This week will be a whirlwind for me, but I will remember to breathe. Thank you.

    • yes, the flop into finally. the ultimate fantasy:)
      I find it in my daydreams a lot, too.
      peace to you in the whirling,

  9. Your words…so much inspiration…thank you!

  10. Beautiful bit of breathing in and out and finding the pause! Thanks for the shout out, friend!

  11. We all need these soft reminders and some of your sweet beauty always helps ~

    • Soft reminders. I like that. Thanks, Susan:)
      I need soft reminders more than ever these days.
      Life can be so very un-soft.
      Thanks for being you
      to me,

  12. Breathing. Always an issue. Oh, how I love to save coming here for those moments when I need a gentle spot to rest, reflect and be reminded of the very simple loveliness in the world and the power we have to take it in simply by stopping to breathe!

    • So glad we got to rest a spell together, Jeanie:)
      I’ve needed it this week in a big way.
      Taking a deep one with you,

  13. The breathe of life has so much meaning…deep healing breathes!

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