These days…….to live them all.

I’ve been writing gifts (sorry for disappearing for a while).
Writing and wrapping like the busy elf I sometimes am.
All the while,  waiting and watching for the word that might find me,
my own little gift to tuck inside my heart and carry with me into the new.
I’ve danced with several.
The one that wants to come home with me is so bold and sure of itself
that I can only smile and shrug at the others,
take it’s hand
and go.


All of me.
With all of my heart.
Even when I feel the hiss that that I’m too loud,  too expressive,  too ebullient,
too much.
Be the all of me,  anyway.
For all of my life.
Give it my all.


All day long.
Stand beneath the great wide and feel the small of me in it,
surrounded by it all,
and then feel the all that I carry inside
and embrace it.
Acknowledge it.
And release it generous
with love and hope for us all.

(holding close to heart those good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people)

I wish you all the joy your heart can possibly hold.
And then a couple of measures more.
A cup-runneth-over type of situation:)
For all of your todays.

fresh tracks

“I have no need for half of anything,
no half time,  no half a man’s attention.
Give me all the earth and sky.
And at the same time add a new dimension.

Half the truth is of no use,
give it all,  give it all to me
I can stand it.
I am strong that way.”
– Carly Simon


  1. What a wonderful, empowering ALL-encompassing word.
    I hope you dance with it, sing with it, work with it – and enjoy it.
    Huge hugs.

    • empowering….yes.
      Thanks for all of your empowering words to me, friend.
      I will dance and think of you:)

  2. A powerful word for everyone to carry into the new year. It’s the best measure there is. It takes a generous soul to give in that measure and I know that you can do it.

    Thank you so much Jennifer for being such a sweet blogger friend. Your words of wisdom always find a place to sit with me. I wish you good health, peace, joy, hope, love and contentment for 2016.

    • All joy to you as you do the amazing things you do, Julia.
      May it come from a place of deep rest and peace.
      Especially in the days to come.
      Big hugs,

  3. What an absolutely glorious gift to give yourself and to give all of us. When you think of all in this way, it becomes the best of all possible words! And of course your beautiful images carry your energy and inspiration to us with glorious visuals that truly capture life and your wonderful spirit.

    A happy new year to all of you, my friend — and thank you for all you bring to the table when you come to Marmelade Gypsy. I look forward to much more inspiration from you in 2016!

  4. Such goodness! Thanks for the bold reminder, the courageous song and the strength of standing in the wind and being seen. Here’s to all and no halfs! I love you, friend!

    • Standing in the wind and being seen….God, I love those words.
      Thank you:) You are a gift. Just pure gift.
      Love and thanks,

  5. Perfect!!! I’m still flirting with a few myself, trying to decide which one is THE one. Happy New Year, sweet Jennifer!

    • No rushes to choose. It has to fit.
      These things can’t be shoved or strongarmed:)
      I love your patience and your heart.
      Thanks for being such a light,

  6. Wonderful! I hope it brings ALL your dreams and hopes to light throughout the year! Happy New Year!

    • All of my thanks for the bold beauty you bring into my world, Robin.
      You inspire me big time.
      Thanks and love,

  7. Lynn Wilkinson says

    So very perfect for 2016! There is no need for half, you are right and ALL OF YOU is never too loud, to expectant or too ANYTHING! Love you Jennifer!

    • Hey friend:) So much thanks for your friendship and support!
      Big bold brightness to all of your beginnings (and middles and ends)
      You’re a gem:)

  8. Is your word ALL? 🙂 I like what Carly said too, half the truth is of no use.
    I’ll take that as my word. TRUTH. I want to bring TRUTH (not a half true) to people in 2016

  9. This word is so you as you seem to already give it your all in your words, pictures, and that wonderful smile of yours. I will look forward to reading how this word is embracing you in the coming year….I hope your new year is full of “all”……

    • I think we live in layers, don’t we, Nancy.
      My all last year is a little closer to the surface than the hopeful
      all I’m going to discover and dance with in the days to come.
      Process…’s a time thing:)
      Thanks for your kind encouragement and for being such a sweet light in my life:)

  10. bold color splashed on photos is gorgeous. Beautiful words linger in the soul.

    • Thank you, Lisa:)
      It’s sweet how we get to splash and sprinkle each other
      as along the way we go:) Togethering is a beautiful thing:)

  11. What a fabulous word…All. So much to look forward to with this word! Feeling this word deeply….And I love the Carly Simon song…perfect accompaniment.

    • Glad for the paths that let us trot alongside of each other, Donna:)
      It’s pretty cool:) Enjoy these cold days with a warm heart and some good seed catalogues:)
      Love and hugs,

  12. I figured a creative soul like you would pick such a cool word…it’s so perfect!! 😀

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