Tender and true….a tiny tidbit

Stay soft.

And open.

And tender.

And true.

I think this is what hope looks like.

“Perfectionism is just fear in big shoes and a mink coat.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert


  1. Soft, Open, Tender, True – and PERFECT. Even when you aren’t. Especially when you aren’t.

  2. Lynn Wilkinson says

    such a struggle sometimes, but you make is so simple to see! Thank you Jennifer!

  3. Your Camelias are so beautiful. It a great analogy for what hope looks like.
    Have a great day.

  4. Such a graceful and perfect camellia! I read something today I wanted to share with you, Jenn, and your readers. This is from Thomas Merton. “This time is given to me by God that I may live in it. It is not given to make something out of it.” When I read this, I felt a rush of pure understanding. What if that is it? This life is a gift–just so. A gift. There is no doing required of me.

  5. I so like the beautiful flowers you chose to accompany your words, Jennifer. They have a way cementing your message into my mind’s eye heart.

    • I appreciate those words, Wanda.
      Somehow my heart works that way, too.
      (good to know I’m not alone that way:))

  6. Have I ever seen a lovelier flower? I think not. I can practically smell it right here, yes I can.

    Lovely in every single way!

  7. Soft…and strong at the same time.
    Your words and flowers touch my soul. I’m so very gratful for you, Jennifer. i really, truly hope you know that. Kathy

  8. So true – we have to stay open and ready to receive blessings! I love that quote by Elizabeth Gilbert. I guess you’re reading Big Magic? I haven’t yet, but it’s on my list!

    • I listened to it on audio and will keep it handy for another listen
      sometime soon. Such a good read! Very list-worthy:)

  9. Best quote ever! Love this! Thank you!

  10. l o v e l y

  11. LOVE!! the lovely flower, those words tender & true, your beautiful hope for us and that crazy awesome quote from another of my favorite gals .,.. once again, I thank you with all my heart.

  12. Oh perfect balm for my soul!

  13. Oh my gosh…that is just so beautiful.

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