The rumble and the roar…..

Do you know it, the strange sort of strangle
that can slip through sideways like a ghost,
a creeping sort of vapor that hushes away your voice
until it’s tied up inside a dream you can’t remember?

And then Love sends a rescue and life pricks sharp and draws blood,
shaking you hard from the spell
and you feel it rumbling,  bellydeep,  this awakening,
and you crawl back into the dream to reclaim what you lost

and what you find is a song that your fingers ache to play
but they don’t know the notes anymore
until you wrestle free the music hiding still inside your soul
and you ride it like a wave ’till you’re untangled.

It’s where I’ve been and I want to say it sucks because it hurts
but I’m re-naming it adventure,
leaning in for the journey with a barefoot heart.
A walkabout with Spirit.  A terrible beauty.
And with every step further in I take,  fresh joy comes rushing up like strength,
and I feel some years peeling back away from places gone silent
until it sounds a little something like a roar.

Oh don’t hide from healing when it comes:)

“The thing about chaos,  is that while it disturbs us,  it too,  forces our hearts to roar
in a way we may secretly find magnificent.”
-Christopher Poindexter

I’ll be sending a copy of my October Ripplesongs to Barbara of Long Hollow
with a whole lot of joy and thanks:)


  1. I am so very glad that your voice, your song, your dance have been set free once more. Your messy, chaotic, perfect dance and soul.

  2. You express your heart so well and it sends me a gentle reminder that it takes time to heal. Reality never goes away and we can never undo was was done in the past but there’s the future to look at now.
    Sending you joy, Love and Peace.

  3. Sometimes I think, Jennifer, that you have been given the spirit of Rainier Maria Rilke who wrote (below) in the First Elegy (of the Duino Elegies). I taste the flavors of his work on my tongue when I read your words aloud. We are the source of our joy and our pain and in both our creativity is born. But so many are afraid of their darkness. What would Rilke have been if he was afraid of his darkness.

    “Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels’ hierarchies?
    and even if one of them pressed me suddenly against his heart:
    I would be consumed in that overwhelming existence.
    For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we are still just able to endure,
    and we are so awed because it serenely disdains to annihilate us.
    Every angel is terrifying.
    And so I hold myself back and swallow the call-note of my dark sobbing.” Rilke

  4. I am sad to hear you have been going through a painful time…but the healing is salvation when we realize it is upon us! I have realized i need to give myself more time to heal, and I am taking it. Big hugs to you.

  5. …leaning in for the journey with a barefoot heart. Oh, you are wise…amazing, jennifer.

  6. Your words speak to me Jennifer. The digging up and reclaiming that which is lost is hard but can lead to amazing journey of rediscovering ourselves.

  7. You are on my heart today…..I continued to stand amazed at your gift of expressing yourself….You always touch me….

  8. love you and your barefoot heart, so very much.

  9. Yum yum and thanks! Nourishment, pure and sweet!

  10. I couldn’t agree more with Nancy above…you have such a gift…totally blows me away. I really love “crawling back into my dreams”…love that…

    Sending positive thoughts your way…

  11. I have really been enjoying your images on Instagram, but I’ve missed you here.

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