The free we’re born to be……

She was born to fly,
but her bright wings got snatched,
used to patch broken things.
So she crumples up small,
sliding down under the coming up short,
pushed like putty into despairing places
so the holes in their souls don’t show.

But even though it may stop the squeak and shudder when she flattens out low,
her life was never meant to be a wedge beneath shaky table legs.

So she drops down deep to the song beyond their reach
and lets it sing her brave heart free,
to find a truer way and never spend another day
feeling homesick for the me she’s born to be.


“We just get the one life,  you know.  Just one.
You can’t live someone else’s or think it’s more important just because it’s more dramatic.
What happens matters.”
-from Ghost Town

This is a snippet from my August zine,  Ripplesongs.
It’s a re-write I cobbled together for us all,
but most especially for the hidden ones who’ve been stolen away,
I’ll be drawing a name from the comments this week and sending out a copy to you
and a bundle,  in your honor,  to the brave girls recovering in safe places in my city.
A howl,  a prayer,
in defiance of despair.



  1. How I love the flights your poetic soul takes. So very much.
    Thank you.

  2. Your words and images are so uplifting, empowering, and motivating. Thank you, sweet, Jennifer!

  3. You are just a beautiful soul lighting up the place! It’s so glad fun to see you spark lighting other’ lamps, too. xoxoxo

  4. Lisa Sniadecki says

    Seeing you soar and taking others higher.
    Your gifts are beautiful and life giving my friend.

    • THANK you, Lisa….so much thanks for the friend that you are to me:)
      I appreciate you to the moon and beyond.

  5. Wow, Jennifer. I feel like even I could fly now! Your spirit is contagious, thank goodness! Love to you, my sweet friend.

  6. Anne Camblin says

    Such a beautiful true writing—and those butterfly pictures!! Just wow. I am sending this on to a friend for whom this was specifically written; thank you.

  7. Tell me the truth now Jennifer, were you dancing alongside that flutterby? -:)-:)

    • I was totally dancing, and dangling, and darting, and dodging, and doing ninja-like
      maneuvers in order to not trample the rest of the flowers:) It’s a thing:)
      Thanks for coming along….big hugs,

  8. I love your bright, shining soul and sweet, caring heart.

  9. I do believe that you are not only a poet but perhaps the strongest, most resilient and gloriously determined woman I “know,” determined to fly, to discover the good. How I love that and how it inspires me!

    • Thanks, Jeanie….those strong words are a stronger shot of B-12 to my soul.
      Much thanks and a big hug,

  10. Dear Jennifer, I can’t believe my comment didn’t reached you. I’m not sure what happened. Interruptions of just a mistake on my part. I remember typing a comment but it didn’t show up on your blog… So sorry about that.

    You always send my spirit soaring with your contagious positive attitude of hope and joy in difficult moments. I’ve been so busy that today I had to sleep till almost noon after my morning chores. It was such a peaceful day. It really reminded me of your Zine on top of my roll top desk.

    Peace to you my friend.

  11. you are amazing…love this. That first photo so reflects your words…just beautiful.

  12. May we each have the courage to soar freely to the song that plays deep within us. Always love you beautiful words Jennifer.

  13. Your words and photographs are amazing…that butterfly…wow, so beautiful! As I was reading your words over a few times, I thought these would make fantastic lyrics to a song!!!

    • Thanks, Kathryn,
      Lyrics to a song…..yeah, my heart kinda sees in song, I think.
      I used to write and play and sing them all the time.
      They seem to find their way into everything these days…most especially
      my gardens:)
      Big hugs and thanks for noticing,

  14. What an incredible message my friend and such soul lifting images of this hope in the butterflies!

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