1. What a beautiful post Jennifer. Such pretty photos of the two of you….
    “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” Wishing you both many more blissful years and anniversaries. together.

  2. “Quit the dance, not the dancer.” Exactly! Happy anniversary to you and your love!

  3. Moved as I often am to tears. Tears at your wisdom, your courage, your determination and the beauty you create and share.
    Happy Anniversary. And many more to come.

  4. Such beautiful words on life and love. Wishing you many more years of happiness.

  5. What a beautiful love message Jennifer. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you both. <3

  6. I was revisiting Bookmarks from a couple years back, happen upon your blog and stated to Follow ––– glad I found you again. Love your the color and hear of your creativity <3

  7. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 32 years together! Your post is simple, true and so heartfelt. Simply Beautiful!!!

  8. I remember it well and the bee that got in the edge at the top of Janet’s dress and we were praying that she wouldn’t get stung. You were beautiful then and more beautiful now inside and out. Happy Anniversary to you both!!
    Love to you always!!!

  9. Oh, my … I was thrilled to my toes while reading every single word of this because I know in my long married heart that it’s all so true, you shared such beautiful, spot on advice and pure wisdom.
    But then I saw what you had done at the end!! added my name to receive even more of your splendid goodness, I’m on cloud 9 … thank you, love,for all of this.
    And I’m eager to check out that other, interesting name, too … Marmalade Gypsy ~ delicious!

  10. Such beautiful words, Jennifer, and so very true. Happy Anniversary to you!
    And I’ve always loved this Joe Cocker song!

  11. This is the BEST YET! Totally beautiful.. Wow, thanks so much for sharing…the images and the words…wow.

  12. The happiest of wishes to you and your love for a wonderful anniversary of love….it is work. And so wise are you to remind us the work on ourselves is what we must do…it does make our other relationships flourish when we flourish for ourselves first! Thanks for these words that fill my heart and soul today!

  13. So wise and beautiful.

    Thank you 🙂

  14. Beautiful. You and I have a lot in common with birthdays and number of years married, Jennifer. Happy anniversary, and here’s to many more

  15. Wow, loved this one!! Wonderful words!! And Happy Anniversary!!!

  16. You are a beautiful couple and your photos are so lovely and dreamy 🙂
    A belated Happy Anniversary to the two of you 🙂

  17. Your words always soothe my soul, sweet Jen.
    I’m coming up on 21 years of marriage and
    Needed to read these life and love confirming words.
    Real love take real grit. I’m learning the secret to self care and how that works magic for a relationship.
    So much love, Kathy

  18. YOU are the awesome one, my friend. And the beautiful one who looks simply lovely at her wedding and all the more beautiful today for having found out who she really is. And that is something extremely special. When they say “for better and for worse” it’s hard to imagine the “worse” will ever come about. That day is so filled with joy. But when you are together so many years, it can raise its ugly head and only by hanging tight, working through the pain, the stress, the sadnesses and celebrating the joys can we truly discover the real joy of love that sticks, that listens, that cares, that trusts, that is a glorious, life-changing experience.

    I am in awe of your words, of your insight, of your bod, stubborn refusal to ever be “easy.” Quit the dance, not the dancer. Yes, I am in awe.

    And honored and delighted to be chosen for a Ripplespeak! Your words, photos and art are treasures in themselves, but the best treasure is the you they reflect. Thank you!

  19. love and thanks, Kathryn:)
    Happy last sips of Summer to you,

  20. Wishing you many more years of love!

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