There may always come a breeze……

Reasons to keep showing up,  wholehearted,  to life.
A life-hugging list:

~ Because there are still stories and songs to meet and know and share

~ Because rogue waves of goodness sometimes sweep me up
(and it’s joy to get swept up)

~ Because wind moves things,  and there may always come a breeze.

~ Because I’m curious,  and there is shelter enough
to go wilding with hope

~ Because seeds and somedays

~ Because I’m not alone.  Ever.
Even when the halls sound hollow.

~ Because healing happens,  too.

~ Because beautiful beginnings get born every day
and nothing is beyond redemption.

~ Because a smell can drift up sudden and escort me
to places of unspeakable comfort

~ Because pain is not the final word
on anything

~ Because I’m brave enough
(and so are you)

Because restoration and color and farmer’s markets and gentle dogs
and moving water and tall trees and fresh mercy and Scarborough Fair sorbet
and the way muscles seem to sigh peace after a massage.

I hope maybe this simple list feels a little like that to your heart,  too,  my friend.
A breath of sweet peace to you:)

“Everybody is a story”
“Every great loss demands that you choose life again.”
-Rachel Naomi Remen


  1. What a joyful post today. You have a contended spirit and your joy is infectious.
    I just want to thank you for the beautiful Zine I received. I had every intentions to post about it and published my post without it and I will have to wait until next time. I have won another give away and I’ll try to post them together.

    I do appreciate your kind words of soothing wisdom. Always bubbling with joy and hope.
    Wishing you a refreshing rest of July.
    Hugs my friend,

    • infectious:) I like that word.
      Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart
      and please, please don’t ever feel like you have to post
      anything about anything I send you. Really. It’d be a bear
      to feel that kind of pressure any time anyone shares some love.
      Just relax about it…..I’d kinda rather you not.
      Much joy and peace and rest to you,

  2. How I love to see the beauty, the joy, the magic which bubbles up from your inner being and delights the senses. All of them.
    Thank you.

  3. “Because a smell can drift up sudden and escort me
    to places of unspeakable comfort” – Oh how I love this! So so true!!!

    • Isn’t it! Sometimes I’m rattling along
      and something grabs me and just whisks me somewhere
      beautiful and safe and inviting. Like being welcomed home.
      I love that, too.
      Thanks for coming by,

  4. Glorious and happy piece of writing. I asked a friend once what she thought kept me alive in this world and she said: “hope, susie, you run on hope.” So there you have it. I could be your sister. The Rachel Naomi Remen quote is exquisitely beautiful and oh so true.

  5. P.S. The Zine was such a great gift. I absorb those until my pores are full, then share then with someone who needs your words. You are serving up great portions of love there.

  6. We really do all need to continue telling our stories….They are too important to the future generations. I love thinking back to the stories my grandparents told me about things that happened in their lives. Maybe it’s my aging self who now finds comfort from those stories. Loved your post Jennifer. You always encourage my heart and my eyes with your words, thoughts and beautiful photos. Thank you . Come visit me if you find the time. I finally put up a blog post. It’s been too too long.

    Lee Ann

  7. You always fill me with joy and beauty!

  8. This might be one of my favs! Lovely!

  9. Here I am again, sighing deeply with your heart words … they always make me feel like I’ve walked through the front door of a place I know to be home.

  10. Fabulous my friend…I loved the list and especially the end…a great reminder never to surrender our joy! Thank you for the much needed reminder.

    • jennifer says

      Glad you dropped by, Donna…..hope your garden is summering well.
      And you….that you’re sipping every morsel:)

  11. What delicious joy and lovely bouquets.

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