Song for the weary…..


There is a place
in each moment,
a soft,  gentle space for breath
to unfold slow
and deep and safe,
where ample rest welcomes and waits
like a tall glass of lay-me-down
and it whispers welcome
to every lift and settle of my heart.

And there is a stream there,
a place for tired feet to go bare against cool,  smooth pebbles
glimmering songs of here and now and love that fills
and of rest that presses it’s weight against the weary of me
like honeysuckle kissing evening air
and it nourishes and calls
and I can answer if I will.

2015-05-10 19.41.36
Cause sometimes I wreck this heart by rushing,
wanting to flop down into the finally of having everything wrapped up done
and it’s crazy how my mind can wedge me into stories that steal away my peace
and set me to running from rest,
flying scared because I get to thinking
that it’s the push and squeeze that saves me.

Some days I forget to remember
to respond to the living rest
that lifts me from this weary way I sometimes keep,
to remember that
rest is a brave place to be.

2015-05-16 19.43.46
“Love turns work into rest.”
-Teresa of Avila

I have missed coming around to visit you!  I’ll be climbing the steps to your porch
in a little while.   Big wide spaciousness to each of you,  friends,
with a whole heap of love.


  1. This reminds me of the times when I have a long to do list. Where I am just rushing to the next thing…and not being present in the moments…not living the moments…i think there is an “internal rest” offered in the midst of busy. I so often miss it though.

    You my friend, offer us glimpses of that internal rest and point us to the one who gives it.

    Much love and thanks to you!

    • not being present in the moments….yes, exactly.
      such a disease and I seem so prone to it.
      grateful for the reminders, too, Mary.
      Thanks for coming by….I love your visits:)
      And you!

  2. As always…so beautiful…and just coming off of a pretty demanding travel week…your writing so speaks to me! REST is a brave place to be! Thank you!

  3. I need to find that place. To sink down into it, and listen to the music it plays. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Ah – so poetic and beautiful! A lovely refuge for the weary…

  5. Rebecca Lanning says

    I get to thinking
    that it’s the push and squeeze that saves me.
    Thank you for reminding me how our mind plays this trick on us.

  6. How wonderful to read and FEEL this today. It’s like you knew i was weary too. This is so beautiful Jennifer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly. Love you, k

  7. This is brilliant and kind and so true. I’ve had to read it three times and notice my breathing change as I finally became brave enough to allow your words in. You are a revolutionary you know. This is what changes the world; changes hearts and minds. Thank you for reminding me that rest is brave. I HAD FORGOTTEN.

  8. Hi again,
    Jennifer, I’d like to ask you if I may have your permission to use a sentence you wrote on my blog as a “blurb” (what funny words we use these days…) for my ebook. You wrote: “It is a large slice of wisdom you are serving here.” And then use your name and some kind of title, like gardener, reader, poet, all three and much much more. What would you like me to say? Would I have your permission? Pls. write me at and let me know. Thank you so very much. Susie

  9. ‘And I can answer if I will’….there is the key as you say my wise friend. Learning to slow and listen and then answer….a lesson we can all learn…STOP RUSHING!

    I agree with Susan, you are a revolutionary my dear braveheart friend…thank you for this!

    • Stop rushing. Yes. I’ve crafted the skill of looking un-perturbed on the outside
      while my insides are rushing to beat the band. I want my insides to match
      my out. Baby steps, baby:)
      Thanks, always, for being such a wonderful blogging buddy,

  10. I’ve been running to stay in place and for the first time I really rested and unwound this weekend. What a gift. I don’t want to start the treadmill again. But if I do, I will remember the reward.

    • rested and unwound. Good job, you:)
      I feel like I need something longer, you know, like more than
      a weekend or even a week. Maybe I’m wrong. But it’s a wonderful
      idea to play with:) Thanks for being such a friend,

  11. You sweet, dear woman … I love you so.

  12. Yes it is lovely to remember to find time to rest. Surprisingly so much more gets done when you do.

  13. so very grateful, thank you, Jennifer…

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